Hi everyone! So latly I've been checking up on the new Silent Hill movie (which Im really excited about)! So as came upon this certain website, Michael J Bassett was answering some questions, which I found quite interesting.

Here is how the question interview began:

Q: Is the Order in Silent Hill Revelation, or is it just the cult from the first film?

Bassett: It is The Order and not the cult from SH1.

Q: Do you have an idea on the rating yet?

Bassett: I don’t know what the rating will be – it depends what country you’re in.

Q: How much money do you need to make off the film to release a sequel to Silent Hill Revelation?

Bassett: I have no idea about this kind of thing. I’m pretty sure that the producers will want another Silent Hill film of some kind sooner or later.

Q: If there is a third Silent Hill movie, is it possible you will be involved?

Bassett: As I’m still in the Silent Hill world finishing this movie, I don’t immediately think I’d want to go there again. I’d personally find it a little more interesting to see another director take on the world.

Q: Is there a script or even a plot for a sequel?

Bassett: I have an idea for another SH movie but it has nothing to do with any of the games. I’d want to free myself from the rules of those worlds and have a little latitude to create independently. Maybe, then that shouldn’t even be an SH movie.

Q: Chris Smith has changed his name to Harry, is this to escape the Order? And SH Revelations is not to reveal who Heather is like the game but reveal how Sharon survived and what happened to Rose, right?

Bassett: You’ll have to watch the movie to get an answer to this one.

Q: Will the film’s title still carry the “3D” bit or is it simply “Silent Hill Revelation” (The preferred option)?

Bassett: For myself, I’d rather it didn’t have ’3D’ plastered all over it but it’s very much about the marketing and isn’t my decision.

Q: Ok, when is the trailer going to surface? Do you think the film will be released around Spring or Summer 2012?

Bassett: The release of the trailer is part of the marketing and sales strategy, so the timing of that release will be part of that strategy. Though I’ll have some creative approval of those elements, I have nothing to say about the where and when. I can tell you that there’s nothing ready now though.

So, I'm very curious now to why he even started making the movie if it wasen't going to follow along the rules of the Silent Hill 3 Game? Eh, But that's just my question. The good news will be that we will have our old cult again! The bad news might be is this might be a confusing movie for us Silent Hill fans. I just hope this movie turns out better than we expect it to be.

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