Hello everyone!

The reason for this blog is quite simple. . .but first let me introduce myself to all the new people joining us lately and our other regular users who do amazing jobs. My name is Emmy! I'm a whipper snapper on here, I am in love with Ashton Kutcher, and I'M AN ADMIN ON THE SILENT HILL WIKI.


Yes, I am an admin meaning YOU CAN ASK ME QUESTIONS. For a while. . I've noticed many people ask Alex and Jillian for help about the wiki. Well. . .if you keep asking Jillian and Alex for all your help. . then what are the rest of the admins supposed to do? If everyone asks them questions, that makes all the wonderful admins become regular users who have nice shiny admin badges on their profile. The reason we have these admin badges is to help people. Alex, Jon, and Jillian didn't just say "YO BRO, THAT DUDE HAS TON'S OF EDITS. LET'S MAKE THEM AN ADMIN. YO." It doesn't work like that! We work hard in order for Silent Hill fans to gain more knowledge about the world of Silent Hill. Of course, we may never know what the answer to these questions are but most of us will try to answer as best as we can. If, by chance, we do answer the question wrong and have already made edits to certain pages, I doubt Alex or Jillian will come and chop your head off with a knife because you didn't ask the right person. All of the admins and chat mods act as a big family and try to improve the wiki as best as we can.

So now that you know that admins actually answer questions, here's a list off all the amazing admins and chat mods who work on this site:



The names above are all amazing people. I've never seen anyone of these people being "useless" (but, I have seen some be stupid. XD) I hope that now you all know that we have no "HEAD ADMINS" or "BETTER ADMINS". With that said, I welcome you to the Silent Hill wiki and hope you enjoy your stay.

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