Im sorry but Silent Hill sucks. It does not compare to RE. I played all of them, The only good one was the first, for playstation. The SH series never realy made any sence. The original was good for being dark, scarey, and very twisted. The rest droped off after that. The bad thing about SH was it is very slow and dull at times. There's not enough action in the game. It's very hard to stay awake when playing these games. The movie that came out a few years ago was awsome. Loved it. In my opinuin the survival horror genre is over, been over for a long time. Capcom killed RE when they made RE5 and SH is to far out in left field. But out of now were a new game franchise is on the rise for true original survival horror. That is called OBSCURE. This game is absolutly awsome. I love the co-op in the game, along with great gameplay and how the story is wrapped around high school kids. Nothing better then adlesent teens getting slaughterd by a giant monster, due to too much sex, drugs, and rock in roll. LONG LIVE SURVIVAL HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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