I'm a huge fan of the soundtrack of SH2. But one of the ending songs I never really thought 'fit' with the ending was Angel's Thanatos with In Water. I understand Thanatos is a Freudian term about the "death instinct" which makes it fit with In Water due to Jame's suicide but the hard-rock was a bit of a turn-off for a, in my view, a very haunting, tragic yet beautiful sort of ending.

My thought is right, if you could change the ending songs of SH2, what would you change them to? You could put in an actual existing song in place, switch the actual ending songs around or even make an idea for a new song. For example, one ending song I think which would really fit with the In Water ending is Hemorrhage (In My Hands) by Fuel:

Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands)03:57

Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands)


The reason I think this song could be a good fit is because of its lyrics. "What did you expect to find? Something you left behind?" It seems like a good reflection of James returning to Silent Hill, did James only return so he could remember the reason he came in the first place: to go through with his planned suicide? The whole reason the In Water ending occurs is if James cannot let go of the past and move on (the depressing thoughts contained in the hospital diary, the 2nd message at Neely's Bar and the Otherworld Hotel headphones all serve to remind James of the tragic things which happened in the past, hence why In Water is achieved).

"Memories are just where you laid them. Drag the waters till the depths give up their dead". Again, it's a good reiteration of the thoughts in the ending. James' memories and dark emotions of ending his life could be contained in the diary, 2nd message and headphones and serves the whole message that we have to learn to move on from the bad things we've experienced or we never do. James "drags the waters" of the lake when he kills himself as he believes it's the only way to "give up the dead" of Mary so that he can see her again in the afterlife.

I appreciate that this is all a strange idea of thoughts of changing a song, but I've just always felt that the In Water ending could have done with a newer song which fitted with it besides its title. Are there any ending songs in Silent Hill games you'd personally replace with a different song?

Brandon Fox (talk) 11:53, May 4, 2014 (UTC)

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