So, with the information we have today on Downpour, a few thoughts have occured to me. For one, what happens when you have the wrong weapon? Carrying only one weapon at a time and having weapon specific paths seems like it could cause problems if it isn't planned well. For instance, how do I get through this gate that needs the crow bar to open when I've got the pistol? Do I backtrack through half the map to find the crow bar I threw down 2 areas ago? It seems like that could get very tedius.

Another thing would be the determination between when monster will appear or not. When it rains, monsters are supposed to come out. How often is it going to rain, for one? And if they give us the option to just run like in SM, there must be a hell of a lot of monster chasing you.

My impressions aren't all bad though. Since this is an even numbered game and has a prisoner as the main character, there's a chance we'll get to see our favorite homicidal rapist again. Hopefully he actually does something in this appearance though. Also, would he have the Great Knife or the spear in this game? I could see an imitation of the stairwell fight in 2 if he does happen to be in Downpour.

So, what's everyone think?

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