what makes the monsters even scarier for you?

Hi again, yeah, i know, im a headache.

before than nothing, my name's Alice, yes, another gamer girl.

Well: here's a question for you:

What makes the monsters of Any silent hill game scarier than its already?

what monster is the scariest for you?, why do you hate their sounds (groaning, moaning...)?, what place make them scarier?, what song that plays during their fights is the creepier or scarier? what is the scariest cutscene?

and what is the scariest place?

its somewhat confusing, so, here is my opinion:

Scariest monster: Ariel (Silent hill: origins)

Why i hate their sounds: Because the Artaud Theater is dark at all time, and when those little bastards see you, they make a horrible sound that you never wanted to hear and got after you!

Place that makes them scarier: Artaud Theater, but if they where in the Otherworld Silent hill, i would s**t myself.

Song: Its not the song of ariel, but the creepier song during a monster fight is the one that plays when you are at the Otherworld Brookhaven and at Lakeside Amusement Park (where a girl is humming a song)

Scariest cutscene: every cutscene of silent hill 2 where Pyramid Head appears. (Also, have you ever noticed that before he kills Maria at the lakeview hotel, its helmet briefly TWITCH?)

Scariest place: Hilltop Center, for some unknow reason.

So, what are your opinions??? (you dont have to write everything, just what you want to say):

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