Hello, everyone!

I dont know if this is worth noting on a blog post, since im not into this so much, but i think this is interesting, and i haven't seen this anywhere before:

I found a trick to get the Heather Beam even on the second playthrough.

Its a respawning monster glitch that NEVER fails. (please note that im playing the SH: HD Collection - Xbox 360 at the moment, and i haven't tried it on the normal PS2 Silent Hill 3, but i guess it works there, too (i will try it later).

This is a respawning glitch that can be VERY helpful to obtain heather beam and/or achievements/trophies on HD.

After you exit the sewers, you enter the Construction Building. Do what you are supposed to do until you exit the building.

There are two pendulums on the "exterior corridor" (cant find the correct name for it). Kill them, and enter the Hilltop Center via the window, as you are supposed to do.

But, don't go out! return to the "exterior corridor": the two pendulums should have respawned. Kill them, return to Hilltop, exit the window again, kill them, return to long as you want to.

I found it really easy if you have the Unlimited SMG.

And, if you want to kill 3 monsters instead of 2 pendulums, then do this:

-Exit the construction building

-Enter Hilltop via the window

-Return to the "exterior corridor"

-Kill the two pendulums there

-After this, JUST if you want, enter AGAIN the construction Building, and there should be an Insane Cancer.

-Kill the Insane Cancer

-return to the "exterior corridor"(the pendulums are dead)

-Enter Hilltop via the window

-Exit Hilltop again, and the THREE monsters should have respawned again.

Repeat this as long as you want to kill the 333 monsters required to get the heather beam!



-EDIT: OH, i forgot to say, that you can ACTUALLY kill more than those 3 monsters that respawn:

-When you get tired of doing that so much, and you want to save on the office at Monica's Dance Studio, 2 Double Heads are roaming the corridor. Kill them

-Go to the save symbol, lol

-When you are ready to do this again, return to the "exterior corridor" and repeat the process.

-Kill, return, kill, return...and when you are tired and want to save again, go to the Office

-After some time, the Double heads should have ALSO respawned.

      • EDIT*** Looks like this glitch is even better than i realized at first!

Here are some instructions to kill at least 9 monsters before the respawn cicle loops!!

-Go through the costruction site as you are supposed to.

-When you go through the window, exit through it again.

-Kill the two pendulums that have respawned

-Enter the construction Building, and kill the insane cancer that is in there.

-Exit, go through the window and go to the main corridor of the third floor.

-Kill the two double heads in there

-Go to Monica's Dance studio

-Enter the dance saloon, and kill the two double heads and the two insane cancers

-Get out, save (optional), and return to the window, exit it, and the two pendulums and the insane cancer should have respawned.

(apparently, the six monsters on the Hilltop Center ONLY respawn if you kill the insane cancer on the construction building, if you just kill the two pendulums there, they WILL NOT respawn)

-You can kill these 9 monsters OVER AND OVER AGAIN. i find it pretty easy to get the heather beam.


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