• Bigsister

    Hey!! :D So, I just found out that the Book of Memories related things are being worked on. A lot of them lack images, and some of them have some bad-quality ones.

    I thought it would be a great idea to add to the wiki LOTS of screenshots from MY playthrough!!! :D

    Just some things I'd like to note:

    1. I'm going to add all of the Monsters, Artifacts, Bosses (Guardians), Characters, Weapons, Rooms and even some easter-eggs, but mind you, they are not all of the ones that are in the game, I've missed some of them (you'll see what I've missed in the screenshots or the names i put to the images), but I'll upload their images as soon as I find them.

    2. A lot of you know it already: I LOVE CLAUDIA!!!! (Don't blame me, blame the one that made me love he…

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  • Bigsister

    God in SH:R Proof!!!

    July 15, 2012 by Bigsister

    Hello everyone! I hope you are ok today :)

    I found something that may show some proof to God's appearance in this movie, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.

    The first proof is something that i think we all know about: the Roger Avary Posters of Silent Hill: REVELATIONS, which shows a Fetus inside a Womb. This is obviously a reference to God.

    But, i found a new thing that may proof her appearance here. This may not be totally new for those that visit the SH:R facebook page, specifically in the gallery, and i also put this in the Silent Hill Heaven some time ago.

    Anyway, here it is: I found a Picture of the set in Toronto, showing part of the bridge. The strange part is, it has something written on it: it says "I know this makes you angry *¨heart drawin…

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  • Bigsister

    SH3 Heather Beam Trick

    April 21, 2012 by Bigsister

    Hello, everyone!

    I dont know if this is worth noting on a blog post, since im not into this so much, but i think this is interesting, and i haven't seen this anywhere before:

    I found a trick to get the Heather Beam even on the second playthrough.

    Its a respawning monster glitch that NEVER fails. (please note that im playing the SH: HD Collection - Xbox 360 at the moment, and i haven't tried it on the normal PS2 Silent Hill 3, but i guess it works there, too (i will try it later).

    This is a respawning glitch that can be VERY helpful to obtain heather beam and/or achievements/trophies on HD.

    After you exit the sewers, you enter the Construction Building. Do what you are supposed to do until you exit the building.

    There are two pendulums on the "ex…

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  • Bigsister

    My Silent Hill Figures

    December 19, 2011 by Bigsister

    So...Hi!....This is Alice, and i just wanted to share some photos of my recently made-myself figures of SH of clay.

    So, this is somewhat like my first time that i make some clay figures, so, if you have any sugerence about what can i do to make them...better, please write it and i'll try to fix my figures!!

    Well... here they are: (they re figures of Heather, who looks somewhat awful, since i havent made all of her head, and everyone's favorite monster boss besides PH...Scarlet!!):

    Also...i'm thinking about making more of them (BETTER, OBVIOUSLY), im making Claudia right now, so, who can be next?

    a) A Scene of Henry and Eileen fighting Walter

    b) A Scene of Harry standing still and Lisa crying and bleeding...or

    c) A Scene of Harry, Dr. K, Che…

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  • Bigsister

    Hello everybody again!!

    So, which characters and monsters may, again, make an appearence in Silent Hill: Book of Memories?

    I think Heather would make a perfect choice, but, why not controll other, secondary characters?, i would REALLY like playing as my favorite character of all of the video game history (not kidding, its really my favorite character): Claudia Wolf!!!!!.

    And, for the monsters, i think the Closer for Heather, the lying figure for James and, of course, the Nurses would be perfect. (What if they put Movie monsters, too?, it would be REALLY AWFUL).

    So, what are your opinions?

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