ok the things i've notice while playing homecoming and they are 1,when your in the male rest room of the hospital where you get the combat knife there's blood on the mirror and if you look close at it it reads wherare you? (maybe its from joshua) as well as a drawing of robbie the rabbit. and this can be seen in bothworlds. 2,thur out the game the doors are push open and nver pull. 3,alex's dad eyes are always blood shot thur the whole game. 4when you're done with the sewer part of the game and end up in front of alex's home when try to go in the front door of the house there's babrwire covering the door and alex say's whats going on here? where did this come from ? i've got to find another way inside! 5,when in the junkyard there'sa red stove in the back when alex checks i out he say's what'd they cook here fireworks? 6,while in the park check out the merry go round alex well say i rember when dad spun me so hard on this,i threw up.7, when alex is at home check the couch and he well talk about comic book's. the cominc books are what alex and jos read and the couch is where they hidden there comic books.8,bus stop after you talk to judge halloway check the bus stop out alex well say, the local bus stop i remember dad didn't even come to say good bye when i left to join the service. i thought i was making him proud.9 when alex checks out the bait and tackle shop alex well say look's like the bait and tackle shop is closed too. i dought anyone would be out fishing in this weather anyway... .10 tree house in sheperds back yard alex well say I remember the day we built this tree house. we had so many good times. 11 nathens convenice market when alex check's it out he will say i don't think anyones in there .i'm not hungry right now. 12

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