I'm sure this has been addressed by the fans already, but color me unaware. So humor me... has it ever been confirmed in any way that Mary's dead body was in James' car all along?

In the Book of Lost Memories, there's a small blurb: "The real reason James came to Silent Hill was to take his life in a place of memories. If this is the case, could Mary's body be in the car?!" It sounds like speculation, but I'm not sure if that's supposed to just make me go 'Oh my god, she was' or not.

So I'm sorry if I'm ignorant, but I just wasn't sure. If it hasn't been officially confirmed anywhere, then what do you think about it? I'm interested.

Semi-related: I've heard a lot of people say the "Leave" ending is canon. I happen to humbly disagree. I say the "In Water" ending is canon. Again, I could just be stupid.

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