See how far you can solve this quiz!

1. This person hates guns and can't stand the sight of them (Sara)

2. This person, in his own words, is willing to write his beloved's name on his chest (Stanley)

3. This person was "loved too much by God." (Amy Baldwin)

4. This person tends to have a dry throat when visiting Silent Hill's forests (Jasper)

5. This person passionately killed a relative (Angela)

6. This monster is the first in the series to successfully and canonically kill a protagonist (Missionary)

7. This monster attacks you inside a room that has a giant chandelier in it (One Truth)

8. This monster tends to shriek "Let go of me!" when they attack you (Hanged Scratcher)

9. This monster wears stilettos (Siam)

10. This monster points and whispers before it attacks (Twin Victims)

11. This motel has "low rates, color TV, and king and queen sized beds". (Hint: try looking around the wiki and looking at the pictures for this one) (Jack's Inn)

12. This building had a serious disaster, caused by "Johnny" (Lakeview Hotel)

13. This diner serves cherry pie (Diner 52)

14. This hospital was inspired by the movie Jacob's Ladder (Alchemilla Hospital)

15. What's "Danny"'s hometown? (New Orleans)

16. What Silent Hill related thing was released on March 16th this year? (Silent Hill Sounds Box)

17. Which bird flew higher than the dove, just to show that he could? (Raven)

18. What quality of people is both a "blessing and a curse"? (Beauty)

19. These two girls died in November. Who are they? (2 answers) (Amy Baldwin/Hanna)

20. What was Ernest Baldwin's birthday present? (besides the birthday card) (Gloves)

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