Hi, I has some updates for the site.

Wikia Chat
Wikia's chat's enabled. Go test it out if you haven't!

Other Wikia Labs
We've disabled everything else like article comments and achievements for obvious reasons.

This isn't Xbox Live/YouTube... really...

Music finished

Remember that big poll about what section needs improvement? Well, the music category is pretty complete. (Be grateful... took like hours of work!)

Blog structure
I've been trying to implement blog categories into the wiki for organization. It's still kind of iffy right now but I can't think of anything better. Basically, when you make a blog, you have to add one of 3 categories:

  • News
  • General
  • Fan fiction

If anyone can think of anything better, please do. I've been looking at other wikias as a how-to and they don't seem to be much different. News is going to be for some important for things like Book of Memories, Downpour, Revelation.

What blogs are not meant for are just random useless stuff (...we've all been guilty of that though) which doesn't relate to SH. Blogs are commentary -- not chatrooms (and we have one, anyway).

Also, blogs should not be used to ask questions. (What do you think of this character, how do I find this item in the game... etc). Use the forums instead. If you have the need to go off-topic, use the forum's General Discussion or better yet, the chat room. If you have suggestions or questions for the wiki, use the forum's Silent Hill Wiki section.

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