Revealed in an E3 conference, Silent Hill Collection is going be "redubbed" with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as its voice director. Korn will be singing the theme of Downpour. As well, Book of Memories, the Vita-exclusive, will feature multiplayer but details on it is unknown. It is possible that the multiplayer will be similar to Resident Evil Outbreak or the Obscure series.

Do you think being redubbed is necessary? The voice acting in SH2/SH3 is definitely not bad, it's actually really good. I think they should DEFINITELY keep the original voice acting in there as an option though.

As for Korn, I have no idea what it's going to be like (just know I'm not a fan of aggressive screamo songs). Also, I think the multiplayer if used correctly can actually be really cool. Maybe there will be more than one playable character in Book of Memories (say a boy and a girl), and you can switch between them like Billy/Rebecca in RE:0. Perhaps once you beat the game, you can replay it and have a friend be your partner. This seems to kinda imply the game will be more open world and focus on cooperation.

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