These are graphical comparisons between Collection and the PC version.

Note that Noise Effect was disabled in the PC shots.

Neely's bar (PS3)

Neely's bar (PC)

Flashlight (PS3)

Flashlight (PC)

So how is Collection in contrast to the PC version? Obviously both are way better than the PS2 versions as they are both in widescreen and HD (however, with the PC versions, you must use download widescreen hacks off the internet). It's important to note that the PC versions have some bugs and glitches.

The advantage that the PC version has over the PS3 version is that it can go up to full 1080p, while Collection can only go up to 720p. But it's still HD and most PS3 games are in 720p anyway so it's not a major difference.

The models and the textures seem to be exactly the same. However, the lighting in Collection seems to be very different than in the PC version. If you look closer at James in the second comparison, you'll see his chest is less illuminated by light (it seems that Collection will feature more realistic lighting, which may make the game scarier as the darkness will feel more real). Note the lens flare in Collection is brighter and draws more attention to the flashlight.

I think the biggest iffy people have with Collection are the new voice actors. If the voices are good, I'm totally fine with it. In fact, it may breathe new life into the games. Just remember that if you want to hear the original voices, you can always youtube the games or play the PC/PS2 versions. It's not as if Konami is gonna come to your house and burn your copies of the original games or anything, and it's not as if they're forcing you to buy Collection either.

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