Hey guys, I wanted to give a few tips on the pictures. I know categorizing them is probably endlessly confusing for most everybody here, particularly since I recently changed around some of the categories. Basically, it works like this: Items images - Belong in the specific category for the game from which the item comes. For example, a picture of the Bent Needle will go in the category Silent Hill 2 item images. I've been toying around with the idea of creating a complete Item images category, which would contain all the items pictures and the links to specific game items categories. However, there are like 80,000 items images on here, and it's going to be a pain to add a new category to all of them. If you still think I should make that overall Items images category, let me know.

Map images - Belong in the specific map category for the game from which the image comes, as well as the overall map images category. For instance, a map of Alchemilla from SH1 would go in both the Silent Hill 1 map images category and the Map images category.

Weapons images - Same as the map images, with each picture going into both a base category for all Weapons images and a more specific category for weapons from each game.

I've also been considering creating a Monsters images categories, and sub categories for monsters from each game, though I'm not sure if I should.

Also, I'm going to start linking images in concept art both to the Concept art category, as well as the individual pictures categories for each game. For example, a concept art of Doug Cartland would go into both the Concept Art and Silent Hill 3 images categories.

If you have a suggestion for any more changes that should be made to the images category, feel free to run it by me! Also, don't forget that the concepts of self ownership and public domain never apply to pictures of copyrighted games, no matter who took the picture. All game pictures should be tagged as Fair Use. Thanks guys! :)

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