I've noticed several people on the wiki as of late that seem to be unaware of our rules pertaining to images and forums/blogs. Because of this, the wiki is seeing a good deal of content that does not belong here.

Forums and blogs are veering into off-topic chatting repeatedly, which is not allowed. It's one thing if a somewhat off-topic discussion results in an intelligent conversation about important aspects of the series. It's quite another if the discussion turns to responses that obviously belong in a chat room, such as witty banter that has nothing to do with the topic of the thread/blog and goofing around. For instance, the "Which silent hill character will you be?" thread has not been on-topic for quite some time, and is now just random chatting. Similar problems are cropping up in almost all of the other threads, and enough is enough. This isn't a chat room, folks, so please don't treat it like it is. We do, however, have a very able chat room that you can join at any time. Go as off-topic as you want there.

This wiki has image rules that need to be followed by everyone.

  • The most abused of these rules is the one pertaining to duplicate images: no duplicate pictures and/or videos are allowed, and any uploaded to the site will be deleted by an admin. We have a whole list of sparkly, pretty image galleries for you to look through if you're unsure whether a picture already exists on the wiki. While the subcatgories of character, location and monster galleries are not yet complete, each game/film category has most of the pictures pertaining to that entry already categorized. If you want to upload an image of James Sunderland, go to the Silent Hill 2 images category and look for that picture. If it's not there, great, upload it! If it is, use the already existing image for wherever you wanted to put the picture.
  • Another thing we're seeing a lot of are people who seem to think the wiki is photobucket. If you're not going to use the image anywhere on the wiki, don't upload it. Posting images on articles, in forums/threads and on your user page is fine, but uploading them and then not putting them anywhere doesn't help anyone, and just leaves more work for admins who will have to delete the images. Don't just upload them and ignore them.
  • If you're going to upload a bunch of pictures, then make sure you add them into the proper image categories. For instance, a picture of Maria and James in Brookhaven Hospital would be classed as Silent Hill 2 images, Maria images, James images and Brookhaven images. The detailed categorizing is to help people who want to know if their image is already on the wiki, so they don't get in trouble for adding duplicates.

All that said, we admins do appreciate your presence and help on the wiki. :)

- AlessaGillespie

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