Hello Wikians (Wikites?), I'd like to suggest a change in how articles are set up. Some of our articles are quite long, and many of them include dozens of images in their galleries. This may make page loading difficult for people with slow browsers. My suggestion would be to create tabs for the long articles, particularly the gallery sections. It would also help keep things better organized than one super massive page that stretches into infinity. The coding itself is very simple, and would go on the article's main page. An example of what a tabbed article looks like is the Albert Wesker page on the Resident Evil wiki.

However, there is some work involved with creating tabbed pages. Pages would need to be split into multiple smaller pages that act as each tab. For example, if a page is tabbed with one Biography tab, a Quotes tab, and a Gallery tab, then there would be 4 pages to contain this; a main page on which the coding is written, a Biography page, a Quotes page, and a Gallery page.

I think this is a good idea for the huge pages, but wanted to see what others think. What are your ideas?


ETA: This discussion is currently on hold due to a glitch in the mobile version of tabbed articles. Once this glitch is fixed by Wikia, the discussion can resume.

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