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Brookhaven Asylum

There's a bit of a disagreement over whether an article should be created for Brookhaven Asylum, so I thought I'd ask what others think. Alex feels that the asylum may be a part of Brookhaven Hospital, and so belongs on that page. I think it's a completely separate building, and deserves its own article.


  • The professional-looking sign out front suggests it's a different facility.
  • The lack of its mention on the map of Brookhaven Hospital in the first movie.
  • The fact that it seems to be a safe area for the cultists to dump their insane, whereas the hospital was obviously not safe due to Alessa's presence there.


  • Alessa could have moved since the first movie.
  • Alessa might have altered the hospital into an asylum.
  • The presence of a movie version of the game's map for Brookhaven Hospital.

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