Recently, I have made the outline of what I think could be done to Silent Hill: Origins in order to allow it to reach its full potential. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the same would be worth for the Homecoming, because of several important issues that I haven’t yet seen anyone answer successfully.

I’m not talking about the appearance of the Pyramid Head/Alex becomes Pyramid Head ending (that can be easily overwritten) or the superfluous character of Wheeler or even the weak pseudo-romance Elle arc (TVTropes provides surprising amount of evidence for him being gay). No, I’m talking about the following things:

I) The children are to be sacrificed every 50 years. The ritual has been done several times and all four parents (Martin Fitch, Sam Bartlett, Margaret Holloway and Adam Shepherd are older than 50. Common logic demands that all of them would have had a sibling sacrificed in their early childhood, yet this fact is never mentioned or addressed: not one of their characters shows any signs of being affected by this. Of course, this can be fixed if the game is to be re-written, but then you would also have to fix this….

II) If the pact demands that four children from those exact four families are to be sacrificed every 50 years, then the Order is at least 10 years too late. Martin Fitch and Sam Bartlett have only had one child each, and their familial bloodlines will end with their deaths (if they have any other relatives, we never hear of it). Thus, the Order would be two families short by the time the next 50-year cycle comes by if they did nothing; but if they sacrifice Alex, they end up three families short and Elle Holloway’s death would have been just a cherry on top of failure pie. If any one of the Order Soldiers knows how to count, they would have had realised this long ago.Now, you could also write in other children for Fitch and Bartlett, get rid of the whole “Holloway is such a monster she orders to kill her last daughter” thing and change the Order’s plans for Alex so that instead of just killing him outright (BTW, I get that Holloway in the game has stopped caring about what the ritual actually entails long ago (see point I), but still, why shouldn’t she try to drown him or something? Was Double Helix Games that pressed for cheap gore?), he would get “married” to some non-founding family female member, abused until at least two children are produced (maybe twist the rules to marry several women at once to speed up the process) and then drowned. However, that does nothing to fix this…

III) The pact clashes with everything we know about the Otherworld and how it works, and its protection would never be worth it. In all games, Silent Hill Fog World/Otherworld only takes in: a) people with deep internal/psychological issues who have done wrong in the past or the people directly related to them (Laura, Anne Cunningham, arguably Silent Hill 1’s protagonists). The percentage of people who have thus disappeared must be extremely low. Recall that Silent Hill has never gone through such a pact, and yet it remained a popular resort town. In fact, given that the history of the ritual apparently stretches 200 years back, Silent Hill has been booming as a resort town in late 19th – early 20th century while its Otherworld remained as strong as ever. Thus, the people’s disappearances must have been very rare in proportion to the total number of visitors if the tourism wasn’t impeded by it.

You do know what would attract attention, though? Children from the exact four families dying/disappearing off records exactly every fifty years over a 200-year period. At most, this could have had gone unnoticed twice by the police; when the same story repeated for the third time, everyone in town would have gotten arrested.

All in all, I would say there are far too many inconsistencies and contradictions within the story of Silent Hill: Homecoming for it to be considered canon in the franchise. The entire premise has always been ridiculous and disconnected from the real world’s logic, and it can only be fixed by ditching the entire plot.

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