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June 16, 2013
  • 4Ferelden

    I have recently done a blog about potentially remaking Silent Hill: Origins and what could be done to it to make it properly successful and in line with older games. Now, I have decided to do the same for what is arguably the most divisive Silent Hill game – The Room.

    Most people will agree that it was one of (if not the most) experimental instalment of the series, one which was interesting, but with flawed execution. Thus, here are my best ideas of what I think will update the game for the modern times, letting its story and ideas shine in the modern day without being hampered by the design issues like before.

    P.S. If you were amongst the people who couldn’t read the earlier blog because of its size, rest assured: this one is two times smal…

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  • 4Ferelden

    Recently, I have made the outline of what I think could be done to Silent Hill: Origins in order to allow it to reach its full potential. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the same would be worth for the Homecoming, because of several important issues that I haven’t yet seen anyone answer successfully.

    I’m not talking about the appearance of the Pyramid Head/Alex becomes Pyramid Head ending (that can be easily overwritten) or the superfluous character of Wheeler or even the weak pseudo-romance Elle arc (TVTropes provides surprising amount of evidence for him being gay). No, I’m talking about the following things:

    I) The children are to be sacrificed every 50 years. The ritual has been done several times and all four parents (Martin Fitch, Sa…

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  • 4Ferelden

    Last year we have had four important Silent Hill releases, and generally speaking, all of them were found wanted. The Revelation movie was universally panned, HD collection was famously bugged for a long time , Downpour also had its share of technical issues and bland design ... Book of Memories could almost be considered a success, since it at least never claimed to be horror. Now there is a (hopefully temporary) hiatus and we have seen some speculation here about what the next Silent Hill game could be and what would be the most feasible development for the franchise.

    Leaving the non-game media alone (though that is also an interesting subject: some game series did manage to regain their lost standing through the tie-ins), I think that fo…

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