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    Amazing Grace - 9/11

    September 11, 2011 by -Myles-

    Well, hello guys, how are ya? Anyways, I just want to share something with my fellow users.

    So, I was scheduled to Altar Serve for the 9:30 mass, a mass in memory of 9/11. As offertory was about to begin, and I walk up to the Altar with my cross, a song played, a song I haven't listened to in over 5 years. The song is called "Amazing Grace". There were no instruments playing, just a pure beautiful voice. After the kind lady who volunteered to sing "Amazing Grace" finished, the whole church sang with her again. We didn't have the most beautiful voice, but I have to admit, singing that song to commemorate the lost lives victim of the tragedy a decade ago, was very emotional for some of us. I felt very, very sad for one of my classmates, becaus…

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