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January 21, 2012
Karma is a great power...
Botista Agung

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Hello! welcome to my page! Name's Botista Agung, and I'm just a normal editor in this wiki, and a chat moderator in Land of ooo. Feel free to see my profile page!


Botista Agung spent his childhood at his hometown Jakarta, Indonesia. His parents got divorced and both of them got married once more, now he lives with his mom and his new father. He have a big sister and a little sister, They live together in a house together. He spent most of the time playing games and studying balancely. His friends are kind to him, but scared because of his dark personality. Now he lives facing dark past and new guilts with his friends, and went to Silent Hill.

My favorite pages




Bruise Puppet

1. Bruised Puppet (presumably boss) - A stitched scarecrow with a scythe, it attacks when hanged at the chain at the Damned Courtroom (see number 10) and keep changing chains until it all brokes. When the all the chains brokes, it will runs fastly and controllably (not twitching) and slash everything on the way even another enemies. Symbolize chained desire to punish someone and  hatred to be ordered around (FINAL BOSS)

2. Shoddy Caterpillar - Caterpillar with needle and syringe attached to it, and  immune to blunt attack. One of my phobia (BOSS)

3. Tenuous (monster like male counterpart of patient) - weak zombies with low defense. Symbolism laziness and weakness

4. Cold, pitch black and narrow environtment - Symbolism claustrophobia and phobia of stand in cold and dark room in long time, Sometimes theres red light is flashing to clear the way.

5. Guilt - Hanging corpses, symbolism fear of suicide (environtment)

6. Grotesque (much like Larval Stalker that resembles demon's shadow) - Symbolism my dark side that I always prevent to came out. Chasing like The Void but faster and more visible.

7.Stertorous - more like straight-jacket, but with visible jacket and wrapped at the leg. Symbolize restricted activities and problem with breathing (sinusitis)

8. Blank - A monster that's eyeless, have 2 arms but no legs. Symbolize the addiction to something that make eyes dim to see. (like gadgets and etc)

9. Disdain - A huge man like ape but with blade arms and wearing mask with blurred smile face in it. Symbolize someone's disrestpect and immature behavior (BOSS)

10. Damned Courtroom - a stage like court room with fleshy, hanged chain and hands like tentacle that attacks. The final boss stage. Symbolize my place to punish anyone.

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