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November 21, 2011
  • I live in South Ashfield Heights
  • My occupation is being 20% cooler.
  • I am German
Canieattacos - Administrator
"Well. . . .there are many Silent Hills, are you sure it's this one?"

-Leonard Wolf from Silent Hill: Revelation

Hi my name is Canieattacos. I'm one of the Administrators, and a regular contributor for the Silent Hill Wiki. If you ever need any help, or somebody to talk with then I'll be willing to help you out.

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Water the Radical Trees?!

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Being too cool.
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Currently Blonde
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Being 20% cooler.
Silent Hill 2

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Vincent Smith
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Puddi Puddi.

— Rob & I

Howdy. I'm Emmy! It's nice to meet you! I'm very weird but I don't mind one bit. I enjoy MurphyXHenry fanfictions.

I try to be on this lovely website as much as I can be but sadly I am still in school and it's a lot to handle! Please don't be afraid to leave a message on my wall! I check the wiki everyday so don't be shy!

Who is this so called Emmy? ⊂◉‿◉つ

EMMY IS THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD OMG SHE IS SO FREAKING GREAT I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE HOW AWESOME SHE IS! No seriously... she needs to be put in a padded room :P LOVE YOU. - Ari (Wikia Mom)

My name is Emmy and it's very nice to meet you! I'm just a Silent Hill addict who loves to meet new people interested in the same things. I'm a very outgoing person who likes to read comics, watch anime, cosplay and of course play video games! I'm still in school so unfortunately I don't have much free time on my hands to edit the wikia or even do things that I love to do such as play video games. Things I'm currently into are: Donnie Darko, Tokyo Ghoul, boys singing like cats and Sensei from Club Penguin.


Pinkie Pie. . .everytime. . .

Canieattacos. . . .?

Many people can't say my username right, so here is how you say it:

Can - I - Eat- Tacos = Canieattacos! Now say it all together and you can say my name! Or if you really want to, you can just call me Emmy! Most people call me Emmy here, so you can too! :D

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My Banning Discs of Hell. Click on it.


My BAN HAMMER made my Jon!

← Don't make me mad, or I'll have to use my Ban Hammer or my AMAZING Banning Discs of Hell! →

(Ban Hammer pic made by Jon! Thank you! :D And Ban Hammer rights go to Kaleb.)

Why Silent Hill is a big part of my life. (◕ ◡ ◕)

Silent Hill has always been a huge part of my life since I was around 12 years old. It's been a band-aid for most of my life and I'm super thankful for it too.

Stamp On The Ground (New Music Video)03:22

Stamp On The Ground (New Music Video)

On youtube, I was watching a video and I saw Pyramid Head dancing, which literally made me smile. I might be crazy for saying this, but if Pyramid Head hadn't popped up in a video I was watching, who knows where I would be now. Without that video, I might of possibly been dead now. So I have my life to owe to it.

Some very important people who play big roles:

Being an admin on this site lets me meet new people everyday and it's on of my favorite things to do. Along the way of my Silent Hill wiki adventures, I've gotten to meet many people, such as:

Jess: Jess is my awesome big sis/crime partner on the wiki. She helps me through a lot and we always have the best times such as operating our Dog House. Even if we get in fights, I know we'll always be here for each other. Also, Murphy belongs to her while I take Henry. ;D Plus I love watching PEWDIEPIE with her. One day, we're totally gonna send him a Pyramid Head plushie. <3

Ari & Wes: Ari is Mommy, who I love very much, while Wes is my Uncle. I'm very happy that they allow me to be part of their families because I know I'll always have a second family to rely on. I love talking to them, especially when Wes tells me some bedtime stories.

Hallie & Zach: They make me laugh EVERY TIME I skype with them. Even if I do skype with them till 2am in the morning, it's always gonna be a good time with them. Plus the Flan never gets old.

Edward: Ed was one of my first friends here on this site and I love him dearly. Though he get's on my nerves and always tells me that Ashton Kutcher is gay. . .I still forgive him. We're pretty close and super big Hetalians. So if we start talking about how "hot" countries are. . . we're talking about hetalia.

Sergeant Wall: Diegs is One of the coolest Walls I know.we got married at a young age due to meeting via pleasure dog .net. We currently enjoy listening to people scream about metal bananas. He tends to hide pale bodies into my room at night. Since we are married , we sleep in a hella cool bunk bed but he just sleeps under the bunk bed all together. He's super cool and I love him more than pale bodies.

Brady Bradster: Brad is my super cool cousin. It runs in our genes to be cool like us, so don't get your hopes too high. I love playing games with him such as Happy Wheels, Amnesia or Silent Hill plus he enjoys saying Hello to things in my house. :\

Alex: Alex is my older brother who helps me out a LOT. He's always there for me when I need him and He's super cool too. I love watching movies and playing Silent Hill games with him because it's pretty much all we like to do. Thanks to him, I only peed my pants TWICE while playing Silent Hill 4! Other than that, I love to skype with Kelly and him and watch him play video games. :D

ROB: The words that I'm about to speak about Rob are only two words: PUDDI PUDDI. Oh. . .and Chicken Guy. Without those words. . .We couldn't live. Overall I seriously love Rob. . like TOATS MY GOATS. And that is all.

Of course there are many other people on the wiki that I get along with, but these guys I've known for a pretty long time. Well, Thanks for reading my profile and come talk to me on my Message Wall! I always love seeing messages for me! ^_^ Also, enjoy this guy dancing with Chicken:


I love Vincent. <3

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My 1st pyramid head helmet. RIP. <3 I'm making a better one now.

It's Emmy

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