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October 2, 2010
  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on September 23
  • My occupation is Supreme Master, collector (of souls), Internet surfer
  • I am Male
The Order Cult with Scarred Alessa

The local religious cult known as The Order, last seen with scarred Alessa Gillespie in Silent Hill: Origins

What's up everybody? Name's B1bl1kal (my codename but all my friends call me Ruben which is my real name) & I'm 23 & half years old, I'm still livin' in the U.S. I'm still currently a volunteer worker at the DAVA (Downtown Aurora Visual Arts) art studio on every Thursday.

been enjoyin' doin' some public service sometimes on the side while still enjoying & preserving the world of Internet like any other normal person there is. Amazing what we can do with technoIogy these days.

But hey, I'm no monster & I am not so perfect... Only ahead of the curve. Don't cha judge me!

I'm a fan of the Silent Hill games as well as the 2 films (Silent Hill & Silent Hill: Revelation) based on them. My favorite ones are Silent Hill 1 & Silent Hill 3 because they scared the hell outta me since I was a kid. & the music from all the Silent Hill games & the movies based on them is both hauntingly beautiful & ominously scary & it never gets old.

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