Harry being carried off by the aliens.

The UFO Ending is a recurring optional ending in most Silent Hill games, with the exception of Silent Hill 4: The Room and Silent Hill: Downpour. Each UFO Ending involves aliens in some way. Usually they are only available on recurring playthroughs. Each UFO Ending is done in the theme of different styles, depicting manga, black and white, and comic styles of drawing.

Although there is no UFO Ending in Silent Hill 4: The Room, it is acknowledged when Henry Townshend examines a picture of Silent Hill's lighthouse, at which time he states, "There was even a rumor that a UFO came flying right by the lighthouse." Likewise, in Silent Hill: Downpour, toys of a UFO and a Grey can be found during the Digging Up the Past Sidequest. Murphy Pendleton humorously comments that a UFO abduction would be one way to get out of Silent Hill. He also wonders if people believe in aliens.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill - UFO Ending04:57

Silent Hill - UFO Ending

Harry is abducted by aliens.

When Harry Mason uses the Channeling Stone, which is found in the convenience store, on top of the lighthouse, a group of UFOs are seen in the sky. As the UFOs land, the cutscene changes style to a roughly animated picture show. Harry, unfazed by this strange turn of events, asks the aliens if they have seen his daughter, but is shot down and brought into their UFO. The UFOs take off and the credits roll.

Use the Channeling Stone in the following locations:

  1. Otherworld Midwich Elementary School roof.
  2. Otherworld Alchemilla Hospital gates (prior to the Floatstinger boss fight).
  3. Norman's Motel parking lot.
  4. Before the Lighthouse in the boat.
  5. In the Lighthouse top.

This ending reflects a comic-book style, with still hand drawn/painted looking images.

The ending sequence with the picture stills is a reference to the trading card series and subsequent movie Mars Attacks!

The player is rewarded the Hyper Blaster.

Silent Hill 2

This ending is only available on the Director's Cut, Greatest Hits, and Silent Hill HD Collection releases of Silent Hill 2. James Sunderland must find the Blue Gem in the rest stop bathroom and use it in these locations:

  1. The Brookhaven Hospital garden, after the Flesh Lip boss fight.
  2. In front of the row boat on the dock, after the Eddie fight.
  3. In Lakeview Hotel Room 312 before doing the required event there.
Silent Hill 2 - UFO Ending01:29

Silent Hill 2 - UFO Ending

Silent Hill 2 UFO ending.

There is no spoken dialogue, as the ending is conducted in still pictures with slides inserted with text, in the manner of a black-and-white silent film of the early 1900's. James Sunderland meets Harry Mason (even in the PS1 graphics of Silent Hill 1), at which point each asks the other if they've seen the person they're searching for (Mary Shepherd-Sunderland and Cheryl Mason respectively). An alien appears and shoots James with a Hyper Blaster, then the alien and Harry drag James away. Harry and the alien share a thumbs up as the screen fades. The credits roll in the same style as the ending.

Obtaining this ending in the HD Collection awards the trophy/achievement "Never to be Heard from Again".

Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 3 ( UFO Ending )05:55

Silent Hill 3 ( UFO Ending )

Silent Hill 3 UFO Ending.

On a second playthrough, the player must kill at least 30 monsters with the "Heather Beam/Sexy Beam" attack before entering Harry's apartment. The UFO ending in this title rolls as a simple interplay of crudely drawn pictures. Heather Mason comes home to find that her father is not only still alive, but is sitting at the kitchen table having tea with an alien with James Sunderland watching in the background.


"Oh, Dad! You're the COOLEST!"

Her father, addressing her as Cheryl, asks her what's wrong (Harry's voice is rather warbled and odd-sounding). "Cheryl" explains the events of the game thus far. Harry reacts explosively, announcing that, "I'm going to Silent Hill and I'm gonna bust some heads!" as he jump-kicks a board James is holding. The alien appears unmoved but Heather cheers exuberantly, yelling "Oh Dad, you're the coolest!"

The scene cuts to aliens destroying the town of Silent Hill, the credits roll over the destroyed town as voices in the background sing the "Silent Hill song". This could be considered as the happiest conclusion to the game, in that Harry is still alive and Silent Hill itself is totally destroyed.

This ending is done in a comic style similar to the first game's UFO ending, except drawn in more of a traditional comic-book style with a somewhat animated ending of the UFO ships destroying Silent Hill.

Obtaining this ending in the HD Collection awards the trophy/achievement "Coolest. Dad. Ever."

Silent Hill: Origins

Silent Hill Origins - UFO Ending00:55

Silent Hill Origins - UFO Ending

The UFO Ending.

On a second game, the player must find the key to hotel room 502 and attempt to unlock the door with it. Travis Grady tries to open the door, though it doesn't open, even with the key. To Travis's surprise, a UFO comes down from the sky and opens, revealing an alien and Mira, the dog from Silent Hill 2's Dog ending, except now she has a transparent space helmet. They greet him enthusiastically, and Travis asks them if they have seen his truck. The alien tells him that his truck is on the alien's planet, much to Travis's extreme delight. Travis asks if he can come with them, to which the alien responds "Do you drive stick?" Travis joins the two on their ship, and then flies away with them.

This ending reflects an anime or manga Japanese art style.

Silent Hill: The Arcade

Silent Hill The Arcade UFO Ending03:24

Silent Hill The Arcade UFO Ending

Captain and his new 'ship'.

Should the player shoot all of the UFOs dotted around the game, they will be rewarded with the UFO Ending upon defeating the Phantom. In this ending, Eric is greeted by his great grandfather who is accompanied by a group of Greys. Captain says that the UFO is his new ship, and that if Eric and Tina want Emilie Anderson and Hanna back, they will have to "come chasing after (him)... to the end of the universe!" Eric and Tina set off in another ship and chase after Captain. As the camera pans out, the player sees Robbie the Rabbit playing Gradius, controlling Eric and Tina as they fly after Captain's UFO.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

Silent Hill Homecoming UFO ENDING01:03

Silent Hill Homecoming UFO ENDING

Alex and Elle are abducted by a UFO.

Similar to the game's normal Good Ending, it diverges just as Alex Shepherd and Elle Holloway, about to embrace, are suddenly abducted by a UFO, to which Alex can only say, "Aww shit..." As they are both floating up, Deputy Wheeler comes out and shouts, "So that's where they've been taking everybody. I knew it!". The UFO then quickly flies away. To get this ending, the player must not shoot Alex's mother, do not forgive his father, but save Deputy Wheeler.

This ending takes on the aspect of a more contemporary science fiction film, as the traditional 2D drawing art style is absent.

Obtaining this ending in the Xbox 360 version awards the achievement "No Dogs Allowed", possibly in reference to Mira's absence compared to the Origins UFO Ending.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill Shattered Memories - UFO Ending00:46

Silent Hill Shattered Memories - UFO Ending

The silly UFO ending.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories ends with Cheryl Mason believing that her father was abducted by aliens, to which Dr. Kaufmann states it made more sense when she was talking about cults and demons. Cheryl then comes to the conclusion that the whole town of Silent Hill is a giant spaceship, and the door opens to show James Sunderland. He interrupts Cheryl and Dr. Kaufmann's appointment, much to Dr. K's frustration. He asks if he has the wrong day again, to which Dr. K tells him his appointment is tomorrow. Upon leaving, Dr. K makes a comment about having not seen James's wife in awhile. Cheryl is suddenly replaced with Mira, then complains about her mother being a bitch (female dog). Dr. Kaufmann turns into an alien with a voice like Harry's in the UFO ending of Silent Hill 3.


Mira and the alien speaking.

In the last frame, Mary's boss form can be seen in the upper left corner, the Flauros is seen on a shelf, the Dog House note is seen on a table, James is seen behind the alien's chair watching with curiosity (or perhaps hiding in fear of Mary's boss form) and the flashlight, radio and a health drink are seen on the table.

The art style is that of a manga comic, much like that of Origins, which was also developed by Climax Studios. This marks Mira's third appearance in the series.

To get this ending, the player must first finish the game. On the second play through, call the phone number on the billboard above Theresa's Threads (United Fruitcake Outlet 555-3825). The player will then be able to find and capture, using Harry's camera, 13 UFO's hidden throughout the game that weren't visible before. The player must capture all 13 of the UFOs to get this ending. Below is a list of all locations:

  1. In an alley behind whichever business the player went through, Theresa's or Clear Picture, under the street light.
  2. In the Boat House in the Dark Woods, the hole in the corner of the ceiling.
  3. On a barrel outside the Orion Hunting Lodge.
  4. In the sky between the goal posts at the Midwich High School football field.
  5. In the sky above the roof to Harry's right after exiting the rooftop door of the Cat House / Honey Trap.
  6. Hovering over the statue in the middle of the Midwich High School courtyard.
  7. In the tree outside the entrance to the Midwich High School gym.
  8. In the parking garage below the mall entrance level, Downtown.
  9. In the fish tank in The Family Pet shop.
  10. On a shelf to the left of the door as Harry enters the Green Lion Pawn Shop.
  11. In a barred-off tunnel to the right of a ladder leading toward the exit of the Sewers.
  12. At the end of the left dock outside Lakeside Amusement Park.
  13. Underwater, down the shore from the Lighthouse Clinic.

Considering the phone texts Harry receives after photographing each of the UFOs, it can be assumed that this incarnation of James Sunderland had locked his wife in their cellar, believing her to be an alien, and kept her there until she died of starvation. This is why Dr. K hasn't seen her. Her residual hatred then possibly transformed her into her boss form like in Silent Hill 2, and she proceeded to chase or attack James, which is why James appears to be hiding from it in the clinic.


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