Alex and crypt

Alex in front of a crypt.

The Tomb Inscriptions are all optional readings in Silent Hill: Homecoming. They are found in Rose Heights Cemetery, and while Alex Shepherd will frequently comment that he doesn't recognize certain names or that some are far too worn away to read, the majority may be examined by the player, offering history about past residents of Shepherd's Glen.


Old Crypts

Oliver Hall
Died November 6th 1875
at the age of 62.
We laughed at him because he was different.
He laughed at us because we were all the same.
We will never laugh the same again.

Erika Hall
Died January 23rd 1870
Sleep on, sweet mother and wife,
and thy can rest, God called thee home
He thought it best.

Jackson Daniel Hall
Died November 17th 1850
beloved child of Oliver and Erika
Sleep undisturbed within the peaceful shrine,
Till angels wake thee with a note like thine.

Thurman Reed
Died at the age of 25
Remember friend as you walk by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now you will surely be
Prepare thyself to follow me.

Here is where Bruce Norwood lies
Nobody laughs, nobody cries
Where he goes, how he fares
Nobody knows, nobody cares.

Colin B.
Died January 20th 1876
Before his time at 32 years of age.
All who knew him agreed,
he was a good man.

Ped Davenport
1825 - 1884
We won't be able to ask you anything now.

Family Crypts

Roxy N. Rigby
November 24th 1820 - January 16th 1862
Love is eternal and can never be leashed.

In memory of
Mr. Amos Roberts
Died March 3rd 1923
at 66 years of age.
Lamented most by those who knew him best.

In memory of Jonathan Sturges,
Died September 14th 1918.
In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Sturges,
wife of Mr. Jonathan Sturges,
Died March 17th 1913.

Eliza Sturges,
Daughter of William & Sally Sturges
Died April 28th 1916
age 1 year, 9 months.
Those little rites, a tear
a stone receive;
'tis all a father, all a friend
can give.

Here lie interred
the children of Erastus and Margaret.
Nancy, died February 17th 1905
1 year 8 months & 22 days.
A son still born
May 11 1906.

In memory of
Betsey Thatcher,
daughter of Timothy & Dorothy Thatcher
Died March 28th 1890,
at 16 years of age.
Farewell my weeping parents dear
Farewell my brothers and sisters near
I wish you all to live and love,
and make your peace with God above.

This stone erected by
Timothy Thatcher
in perpetual memory of his wife
Mrs. Dorothy Thatcher
Died March 28th 1891
at 78 years of age;
and of Mrs. Fanny Nye
his second wife
Died June 16th 1921
at 75 years of age.

In memory of
Rhoda Hunt
Daughter of Cap Nathan
and Mrs. Lydia Hunt
Died September 23rd 1864.
Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest.
God call'd thee home,
He saw it best.

In memory of
Lamuel Jacobs
Died March 10th 1934
at 55 years of age.
The immortal par has on swift pinions flown
To take its sentence in the world unknown.

Troy Douglas Hampton
Died February 13th 1888.

In memory of
Rachel Smith
Died December
at 32 years of age.

In memory of
Lydia Rush
Died March 1st 1872
at 25 years of age.

Founders Row and Garden

In memory of
Edward Shepherd
Son of David and Stephanie.

In memory of
Michael Shepherd
Eldest son of David and Stephanie
Tragically lost at the [age of] 9 years old.

In loving memory of
Stephanie Shepherd
Beloved wife of David Shepherd
Died December 31st 1899
at 24 years of age.

Here lies
David Shepherd
Died March 1st 1910
at 34 years of age.

In memory of
Horace H. Bartlett
who passed in
A powder mill explosion
March 10th 1934
at 29 years of age.
Farewell my friends and children dear
Prepare for death while I sleep here.
Could you but know as much as I,
How soon would you prepare to die.

Lydia Bartlett
Died April 5th 1894
at 22 years of age.
Here beneath this gloomy stone
I sleep so quiet and alone.

In memory of
Henry Bartlett
who died in a fire
July 26th 1916.

In memory of
Caleb Bartlett
son of Henry and Mary Bartlett
Died August 3rd 1971
at 6 years of age.

In memory of
Mary Bartlett
Died August 4th 1917
at 24 years of age.

In memory of
Mrs. Lois Bartlett
wife of Ephraim Bartlett
Died May 6th 1896
at 19 years of age.

In memory of
Isaac Shepherd
Died March 9th 1882
at 62 years of age
I depart this world to face what awaits me
leaving behind this town to my children
and if God is indeed fair and just I will never be forgiven
The path of death must once be trod by all.

Sacred to the memory
of Daniel Shepherd,
son of Isaac Shepherd.
Died September 23rd
at 5 years of age.

In memory of
William Shepherd
Died March 1st 1889
at 25 years of age.

In memory of
Catherine Shepherd
Beloved wife of William Shepherd
Died January 1st 1889
at 24 years of age.

In loving memory of
Stephen Fitch
Son of Andrew and Elizabeth
Tragically lost at 7 years old.

In loving memory of
Regina Fitch
Daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth
Passed away on May 14th 1923
at 46 years of age.

In memory of
Elizabeth Fitch
wife of Andrew Fitch
Passed away on June 29th 1897
at 40 years of age.

In memory of
Andrew Fitch
who died
April 15th 1887
at 32 years of age.

In memory of
Cornelius Fitch
who died January 26th 1878
at 61 years of age.
Neither friend nor physician could stave
My mortal body from this grave
Neither dirt nor clay shall keep me here
When the Lord shall call me to appear.

In loving memory of
Henry Holloway
December 12th 1885 - February 4th 1892

Here lies
Robert Holloway
August 17th 1887 - January 23rd 1910

In loving memory of
Karen Holloway
Daughter of Sophie and John
Tragically lost at 8 years old.

Here lies
Sophie Holloway
July 29th 1889 - September 13th 1920

Here lies
John Holloway
June 12th 1868 - October 29th 1901

Here lies
Frederick Holloway
November 24th 1865 - January 16th 1900

In memory of
Nancy Holloway
June 22nd 1870 - December 6th 1899

In memory of
Edwin Holloway
Died November 4th 1879
at 59 years of age.
Ye living mortals stop and read
A solemn warning from the dead
Your life is fleeting, only death is sure
Trust in our god, all will be secure.

West Fountain Inscription

See West Fountain Inscription.

East Fountain Inscription

See East Fountain Inscription.


  • Upon examining the tombstone of Isaac Shepherd, Alex will comment, "Hey, this is the crypt of my ancestor, Isaac Shepherd. He was one of the original founders of the town."
  • Michael Shepherd's grave actually reads "lost at the at 9 years old", a likely mishap by the staff.
  • Dorothy Thatcher died on the same day as daughter Betsey, although Dorothy passed one year later.
  • Unlike all other tombstones that have some space in-between them, Sophie Holloway's grave is directly beside daughter Karen's.
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