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Toluca Prison
The exterior of the prison
Silent Hill

Toluca Prison, previously known as Toluca Prison Camp, is a defunct prison that was used to house Civil War POWs. Toluca Prison Camp was later converted into Toluca Prison, a normal prison, in 1866, around the time of Past Life.

The exact location is not stated in the games, however, it appears to be located beneath the Silent Hill Historical Society building. It is possible that the Historical Society was built over the site of Toluca Prison, as James Sunderland enters the prison through tunnels extending to the museum. James exits the prison and enters the labyrinth by descending further underground, and although connection of these locations may have been caused by James's delusions, it is possible that the Prison is based near the area where James exits the labyrinth.

Though James meets Eddie Dombrowski upon his entrance in the prison cafeteria, he is left alone for the remainder of the area and must find a way to exit back to the surface.


Toluca Prison Map

The map of the prison grounds.

The prison consists of three main sections, separated by two long corridors.

The leftmost section was used as the civilian side of the prison, and includes the visiting rooms, offices and main entrance.

The central section of the prison consists mainly cells and the showers and other inmate essentials. The cells are arranged in four rows, two on the north end and two on the south. Each row has ten cells, though only some of the cells can be entered. It seems that the prison has a max capacity of 40 prisoners.

The rightmost section is the prison courtyard. Under the effects of the Otherworld, the courtyard is devoid of scenery, save for the gallows in the center that is used to solve a puzzle.

The prison is in a state of dilapidation upon James's entrance, and most of the prison grounds have been damaged. The prison appears to be underground and much of its structure appears to have eroded and retained water damage. There are no signs of life, except for monsters, during James's stay, although notes and memos of its past inhabitants have remained.


Cafeteria painting

The mysterious painting

  • In the cafeteria, there is a painting of the cafeteria room in its exact state which includes the decaying walls, the dead body of a man lying against the table, and the same painting located at the back of the room.
Silent Hill 2 - Underground Prison01:13

Silent Hill 2 - Underground Prison

Holes in the prison.

  • It is possible that the prison was used as a sort of execution site. The gallows in the prison would have been used to hang the prisoners and their bodies would then be thrown into the small hole that James eventually jumps through. The room that James jumps into also has a staircase, allowing the executioners at the prison to take the bodies and put them into the nearby morgue. The bodies in the morgue would then be thrown into another hole, as James thinks, "This corpse... into this hole?".
  • The gallows has three nooses, possibly meant for James, Angela Orosco, and Eddie. The three tablets used for the puzzle are symbolic of each character.
  • It can be assumed from exploring the prison courtyard that depending on the severity of their offense, the prisoners could either be hanged or drawn and quartered, hence the sounds of running horses in the background.[1]
  • The mysterious Prisoners make their appearances here.
Silent Hill 2 - Scary Moment01:21

Silent Hill 2 - Scary Moment

Knock knock...

  • In the women's bathroom, if James knocks on the third stall and walks away, something may occur.
  • In the cell where the wax doll can be found, a symbol very similar to the Halo of the Sun can be seen on the wall near it.
  • A framed picture of the prison can be found in the Baldwin Mansion during the Born from a Wish scenario.


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