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Toluca County is a municipality. Originally introduced in the film Silent Hill, Silent Hill: Homecoming placed the game's town of Silent Hill, Maine and the surrounding area within a Toluca County.

Though the film and game locations share the name of Toluca County, the two are not the same. Toluca County as presented in the film is located in the state of West Virginia, while the Toluca County presented in the game series is found somewhere within Maine of the United States.

Silent Hill film

The town of Silent Hill, West Virginia is located within Toluca County, as is the nearby city of Brahams. By and large, the majority of the film takes place in either Silent Hill or Brahams, hence within Toluca County. Little background information is available about Toluca County, other than it shares its name with a lake found within the county. Gans County, yet another location in the film universe, lies nearby.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

The first reference to the Silent Hill area being within a county sharing a name with the regional lake comes from a map found within Homecoming. The map, a floor plan of the Shepherd's Glen Police Station, documents the name of the county Shepherd's Glen, as well as Toluca Lake, lies in. Other than sharing a name with Toluca Lake, no other information is known about Toluca County.


  • As Silent Hill: Homecoming is a canonical entry into the Silent Hill franchise unlike the film, it can be assumed that the placement of the Toluca Lake area is retroactive.
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