Letter to Helen Grady

To a Ghost is the final letter Richard Grady writes to his wife, Helen Grady. It is written on the day of their anniversary, years after Helen's commitment to Cedar Grove Sanitarium in Silent Hill: Origins. In the note, Richard laments losing his wife to her madness, saying the true Helen has been dead since the day she tried to kill Travis and herself. He has lost all hope in Helen regaining her sanity, and decides to kill himself in order to be reunited with her beyond the grave.

Travis Grady can find the letter in the first floor maintenance room of the Riverside Motel Otherworld.


"To a ghost,

There's no pretending now is
there? We both know that thing at
Cedar Grove isn't you. You died
the day you tried to kill our son.

When I brought your gift today,
when you smashed it, I finally woke

I've been dreaming all these years,
kidding myself that you'll be right
one day. The Helen I loved is dead.

I try to remember how it was, all
those years ago today when we got
married. I can't remember anymore.
I'm tired. I know Travis will be
fine on his own. I'm going to see
you again, Helen.

Yours in forever, Richard."
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