This is a timeline for the Silent Hill series based on as much official information as possible. Please ensure that all dates are official, referenced and appear chronologically. Please also note that while this timeline is primarily factual, some dates may be speculated or inferred.


A separate timeline surrounding Origins, Silent Hill 1, Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3.

The dates for Silent Hill: Origins, Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 are technically unknown. Some dates for these games can be obtained in a promotional diary supposedly written by Alex Shepherd, but it is unknown how canon they are and they are initially crossed out.[2] The dates in the diary place Origins in 1976, Silent Hill in 1983, Silent Hill 2 in 1993 and Silent Hill 3 in 2000. Again, these shouldn't be taken as absolute canon fact. It is known, however, that Silent Hill 1 is set 7 years after Origins, Silent Hill 3 is set 17 years after Silent Hill 1, and Silent Hill 2 is set sometime between Silent Hill 1 and Silent Hill 3. Given this, it appears likely that Origins is set in the 1970s, Silent Hill 1 in the 1980s, Silent Hill 2 in the 1990s, and Silent Hill 3 in the early 2000s.

The ages of SH1/SH2/SH3 characters are provided in the Book of Lost Memories.[3] The ages for Silent Hill: Homecoming characters are provided in the manual.[4] Everything else is taken from the games.

There are two timelines from the Book of Lost Memories.[5][6] However, note that the "11 years ago" in the latter timeline seems to be a mistake.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is added here for convenience, but please note that it is non-canon and set in another universe.

Please note that this timeline may ignore dates from textures such as calendars in-game, as there is no proof the developers intended them to be canon, or the textures themselves are too blurry.

For a timeline of film events, please see Timeline (film).


Pre-16th century

  • Native Americans conduct mysterious and religious rituals in the land where Silent Hill, Maine would be. The land is valued as a sacred place to the Natives. They revered the area as "The Place of the Silent[1]/Silenced[2] Spirits" or in another name, "Nest of the Raven". The land is known as a holy place and seems to possess a mysterious power.[2]


  • In the late 1600s, settlers begin to come to the land from Europe. The Native Americans are forced to leave the land.[2]



Jennifer Carroll.

  • Jennifer Carroll is burned at the stake by Christians for being accused of witchcraft. She was one of the founding members of what would eventually become the Order, and she would eventually become a saint of the Order.


  • In the early 1700s, a mysterious epidemic breaks out and the settlement is abandoned.[2]


  • Daniel R. Bryant and a group of thirty four pioneers cross Toluca Lake to arrive in Silent Hill. (Shattered Memories universe)


  • In 1743, Daniel R. Bryant dies from influenza and is buried in town. An overlook is named in his memory. (Shattered Memories universe)



  • Around this time, resettlement began near Toluca Lake and a penal colony was established, especially by those who believed in manifest destiny. It was at this time that the town was given the name "Silent Hill" by non-natives. It is unknown if the name was based on the original designation for the area.[2]
  • Silent Hill Prison and Brookhaven Hospital are constructed. Brookhaven Hospital was built in response to a great plague that followed a wave of immigration to this area. It was originally little more than a shack, but it gradually grew.




  • On March 15th, Maine secedes from Massachusetts and becomes a state.
  • According to the style, Allen Smith paints Waterfront Landscape around this time, a scene of this area from long ago. There were fewer people then, and only a handful of buildings.
  • Isaac Shepherd is born.


  • Around this time, Silent Hill Prison closes.[2]



  • Around this time, a coal field is discovered and Wiltse Coal Mine opens, which leads to the revitalization of the town.[2]



The four founders of Shepherd's Glen.

  • Shepherd's Glen is founded by Isaac Shepherd, Edith Holloway, Cornelius Fitch and Mason Bartlett. They fled from their brethren and entered into a contract.[3]
  • Daniel Shepherd, Ann Holloway, Theodore Fitch and Helen Bartlett are sacrificed by their respective families on September 23rd to appease God.


  • Andrew Fitch is born.


  • Elizabeth Fitch (née unknown) is born.


  • The Gillespie Coal & Iron Company begin extracting ore from the Devil's Pit.


  • The American Civil War begins. During the American Civil War, Brookhaven Hospital was put into use as a medical hospital during these dark times.
  • Patrick Chester and his son both participate in the American Civil War.[2]


  • Toluca Prison Camp is constructed for POWs.[2]



  • William Shepherd is born.


  • The American Civil War ends in a Union victory.
  • Catherine Shepherd (née unknown) is born.
  • Frederick Holloway is born on November 24th.




Jebediah Foster and Esther Munroe traveling to Silent Hill in 1867.

  • The events of Past Life occur. Inola, a Cherokee woman, used Esther Munroe to rebirth her deceased daughter, Awinita. It is implied Awinita's original incarnation was killed by Jebediah Foster.


  • John Holloway is born on June 12th.


  • Nancy Holloway (née unknown) is born on June 22nd.


  • Lydia Bartlett is born.


  • Mason Bartlett dies on March 10th.


  • Stephanie Shepherd (née unknown) is born.


  • David Shepherd is born.


  • Lois Bartlett (née unknown) is born.
  • Regina Fitch is born to Andrew and Elizabeth Fitch.


  • Isaac Shepherd dies on March 9th.


  • Henry Holloway is born on December 12th.


  • Andrew Fitch dies on April 15th.
  • Robert Holloway is born on August 17th.


  • Catherine Shepherd dies on January 1st.
  • William Shepherd dies on March 1st.
  • Sophie Holloway (née unknown) is born on July 29th.


  • Around this time, people start to mysteriously disappear all over town.[2]


  • Henry Holloway dies on February 4th.


  • Mary Bartlett (née unknown) is born.


  • Lydia Bartlett dies on April 5th.


  • Lois Bartlett dies on May 6th.


  • Elizabeth Fitch dies on June 29th.
  • Bartlett Vineyards is established.


  • Nancy Holloway dies on December 16th.
  • Stephanie Shepherd dies on December 31st.


Halo of the Sun

The Order's seal, the Halo of the Sun.

  • In the early 1900s, Toluca Prison closes and Silent Hill becomes a tourist area.[2]
  • By this time, the religious group known as the Order has been formed in the town. At first, the citizens oppose them, but they gradually gain more influence as more members join, until they begin to infiltrate Silent Hill's public institutions and gain more influence and strength.
  • In this century, 20 years before Silent Hill (est. 1950-1965), the mayor of Silent Hill dies suddenly and, one after the other, the staff at a development group for the town die accidental deaths.[4]


  • Frederick Holloway dies on January 16th.


  • John Holloway dies on October 29th.


  • Thomas Shepherd, Earnest Holloway, Rose Fitch and Charles Bartlett are sacrificed by their respective families to appease God.


  • Horace H. Bartlett is born.


  • Robert Holloway dies on January 23rd.
  • David Shepherd dies on March 1st.


  • Caleb Bartlett is born.
  • According to local legend, miners discover mysterious symbols carved into the walls of a limestone grotto in the Superstition Caverns, leading to wild speculation about witchcraft and the occult. Soon after, a series of unfortunate accidents and reports of mysterious creatures force the Gillespie Coal & Iron Company to suspend mining operations along this seam.


  • Caleb Bartlett dies on August 3rd.
  • Mary Bartlett dies on August 4th.


Little Baroness

The Little Baroness sailing across Toluca Lake.

  • In November, a tourist ship called the Little Baroness goes missing on Toluca Lake.


  • Sophie Holloway dies on September 13th.


  • Regina Fitch dies on May 14th.



  • Horace H. Bartlett dies on March 10th in a powder mill explosion.


  • Strange events at Toluca Lake occur. After Wiltse Coal Mine closes and Silent Hill becomes a sightseeing area, a succession of boating accidents occur. This leaves Silent Hill with a poor reputation for sightseeing.[2]




  • Rebecca Shepherd, Lawrence Holloway, Rusty Fitch and Patricia Bartlett are sacrificed by their respective families to appease God.









Baby Walter abandoned on the floor.



  • Dahlia Gillespie tells 6 year old Walter that his mother is asleep in Ashfield. Walter begins to travel to Ashfield by bus/train and visits South Ashfield Heights regularly. Walter encounters Richard Braintree in the apartment building and is frightened by him.


  • 8 year old Walter learns of Cynthia's name, who was about 3, somewhere in Ashfield.
  • In Ashfield, Walter injures a kitten in Steve Garland’s pet store.



  • 16-year-old Walter receives the Shabby Doll from 5-year-old Eileen Galvin on a trip to Ashfield.


November 1984

Maria examines the calendar.

  • If the calender is accurate, in November, Amy Baldwin dies after falling out of the Baldwin Mansion attic window after trying to retrieve a birthday card for her father.[7]




  • Harry Mason dies in a car crash. (Shattered Memories universe)


  • Police arrest Walter Sullivan, who commits suicide in prison with a soup spoon by severing his neck's carotid artery. Joseph Schreiber suspected this Walter Sullivan was not the real Walter.
  • South Ashfield Heights tenants (including Frank Sunderland and Richard Braintree) notice Walter Sullivan in the apartment building with a heavy tool, white oil, a bowl and a bag with blood.



Sh arcade 01

Eric, Tina and Bill.

  • Martin Fitch saves an 8-year-old Alex Shepherd from dying of hypothermia in a school bus accident.[10]


  • 3 years after the Walter Sullivan Case (10 Hearts), police discover Victim 12 "Void" (Peter Walls) and suspect the murderer to be a Sullivan copycat.



  • Frank Sunderland remarks in his diary that Walter Sullivan was born 30 years ago.


  • Joseph Schreiber begins researching Walter Sullivan. Throughout the year, he writes in his Red Diary until he disappears.
  • The corpse of Toby Archbolt is found.





  • Shepherd's Glen celebrates its 150th anniversary on Saturday and Sunday, September 20th and 21st respectively.
  • Scarlet Fitch, Nora Holloway and Joey Bartlett are sacrificed by their respective parents to appease God.
  • Joshua Shepherd dies in a boating accident and Alex is sent away to a mental hospital.[13]



  • Alex escapes from the unspecified mental hospital he was staying at (implied to be Alchemilla, but unknown for sure) and returns to Shepherd's Glen.
  • In October, the events of Silent Hill: Homecoming occur.[14]


  • The events of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories occur in the Shattered Memories canon.[15]



  • It is currently unknown if Silent Hill: Orphan, Silent Hill: Mobile 2, and Silent Hill: Mobile 3 are canonical or not to the mainstream and the period of time these games take place. The three games feature never-seen-before Silent Hill locations, new characters and new monsters.
    • There are monsters representing ghost children on Orphan and Mobile 3 which are similar to the ghost Leonard Wolf, a monster similar to the Puppet Nurse and Puppet Doctor at the unnamed clinic featured on Mobile 2, and the Scraper appear as an enemy on Mobile 3.
    • The characters are able to change between realities at will without passing by the Fog World. To do so, the protagonists need simply touch or stare at symbols drawn on the walls: an upside-down triangle (which may be a nod to the Flauros) and the Halo of the Sun. Except for Silent Hill: Origins, on the mainstream, the Otherworld will appear as a phenomena unavoidable and hard to undo once triggered.
      • Furthermore, in some editions of Mobile 2 for smaller cellphones (example: the version for Nokia 6230i), the Otherworld is referred to as "Evil World", and all the Otherworld versions of objects featured in the real world are referred to using the prefix "evil". For example, a chair in the real world referred to as "chair" would be named "evil chair" if the player pointed to it in the Otherwold. This strange nomenclature was never used on mainstrean.
    • It is debatable if the character named Alessa on these games is meant to represent Alessa Gillespie, and if yes, the three games certanly are a "what if" alternate continuity. On the mainstream, Alessa Gillespie didn't had a sister, and merged with Cheryl Mason at the end of Silent Hill making it impossible for her to still exist as an individual being. Also, according to Mobile 3, the fire on the Gillespie House was the fault of a pyromaniac named Vincent, while it was done on purpose by Dahlia Gillespie on the mainstream.
  • A shop in Central Silent Hill in Silent Hill says "Since 1987" on it, implying the game is not set before 1987, but the texture is blurry and if the date was meant to be canon is ambiguous.
  • In the first Silent Hill Harry Mason carries what appears to be a Smith & Wesson Sigma series handgun. The Sigma series debuted in 1994, suggesting that the game takes place no earlier than that year. However, when Silent Hill was released in 1999, Konami had no way of knowing how successful it would be, or that it would spawn an entire franchise; it is possible the first game was originally set in or around 1999, but was later retconned to the 80's to account for Heather Mason's age in Silent Hill 3. (The other alternative would have been to set Silent Hill 3 in what was, at the time of its 2003 release, the far off year of 2016.)
  • Alessa's History states that Harry's wife died 11 years before Silent Hill. However, this makes no sense as Cheryl, who is 7 years old in Silent Hill, wouldn't have existed then and Harry's wife is seen adopting Cheryl in the opening. As well, Harry states his wife died 4 years ago in Silent Hill. This was likely a goof.[7]
  • A calendar in Silent Hill 2: Born from a Wish implies the game takes place in 1994, though the calendar may not be fully reliable and may not coincide with the actual intended year for the game.
  • Although the date for Silent Hill 3 is unknown, a photo of a lake called "Landscape Photograph Exhibition", found near Monica's Dance Studio, seems to have "2000" on it, implying it is set in the early 21st century, but it's so blurry that it's difficult to know for sure.
  • There have been some multiple contradictory dates for Silent Hill: Downpour (Anne's Story is set during Downpour). Bobby Ricks's calendar lists no month or years, but states the first begins on a Saturday. [8] A calendar in a garage near the beginning of the game shows August in which the 1st begins on a Tuesday, which could mean 2006 or 2017. The missing poster of Ariadne Johnson says she is 8 years old and was born in 1996, meaning the game cannot occur before 2004. However, this does not necessarily mean Downpour is set in 2004 as it's possible that the poster either means she was 8 when she was abducted, or that the missing poster is outdated.


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