• its honestly confsing why Alex would be the sacficied rather than Joshua who was younger, as is it seems Alex has survived alot even in chld hood , and till josh was born, treated well by his parents, they did love him and thus they chose not to kill him after joshua's death... 

    so why was Nora the younger sibling in the Holloway chosen over Elle?  yet Joshua wasn't chosen over Alex 

    when did they chose and how?


    if a 2nd child isn't born then it will still be all for naught, as dr. fitch and, mayor bartlet only had the one child so even if they suceeded and alex died 50 years later if they couldnt get decendents  for the fitch( he went crazy with guilt) and bartlet families, by then then the town would still sucumb to the darkness of silent hill. or even if the surviving children of these familyies decide to abondon the town 

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    • I guess silent hill V main character is Alchemilla Hospital and how cruel this hospital is, Alex probably was a patient there, built all the paranormal realm by his mental illness, which could it be Schizophrenia, therefore he felt that he was chosen to die, because his parents put him there in the first place, probably Josh wasnt dead but the regection of his parents for his disease, make him believe that he killed his brother and that's why he was sent there. His mind create this whole idea of the cult and the children, also if Alex has Schizophrenia, his body looks like a young adult, but his mind age is like a little children. Alex was also a tv and book fan, his SH realm has a lot of elements from Freddy krueger(Wes Craven) and IT(Stephen king). Since the Hospital have all this medieval treatments, like increase level electroshock, its possible that Alex knew that he is gonna die in there, like the cult idea, which could it be a memory of the book of the game(probably it was in his father shelf), about detective Douglas investigation of the cult in Silent Hill. 

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