• This is probably horribly old news, and I'm waaaaaay behind the times. Watching A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) and having watched the other eight movies - has anyone else drawn a kind of parallel? Seeing as there is a "Craven Avenue", I'm sure that the movies influenced Silent Hill in more ways than just supplying a cool street name.

    If you haven't made this connection yet, stay with me for a bit - In the movies something horrible happened to this man, Fred Krueger. He's wrecking-havoc in the lives of young people through their dreams. There's the "real world" which everyone else lives in. The "semi-dream"/fog world, if you will. Then "full-dream"/otherworld. All have different states of world conditions. Unwillingly slipping between semi-dream/full-dream.

    In the full-dream/otherworld - in both cases, everything becomes very industrial.. pipes, dark spaces and steam everywhere.

    Sure, with the "semi-dream"/fog world there are differences. In Freddy's movies the characters are still surrounded by people, but they're being tortured in their own minds & no one believes them.

    Whereas with Silent Hill, the fog world normally consists of your character, a few NPCs and monsters.

    So the real world would be those who see Silent Hill as it apparently truly is - a tourist town. In Freddy's movies the real world where people aren't plagued by him. Nightmare's "semi-dream" would be for example, in the original 1984 & 2010 remake movie when Nancy sees the person in the body bag standing in the hall at her school, then being dragged away - the micro-naps that the characters discuss. Then obviously Nightmare's full-dream/otherworld would be when the characters are taken fully into Freddy's space.

    Anyone else have anything to add? Any arguments? How late am I with this connection? lol.

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    • I know that it´s a matter of opinion, but I have always interpreted A Nightmare on Elms Street and even Silent Hill as storys that confront reality and fantasy, as in both of them fantasy becomes reality, I never saw it as seperate dimensions. About the paralel between the plots of that movie and Silent Hill, I guess the movie could have inspired the developers of the game, but again other movies play around with these concepts (reality, fantasy) for exemple the movie: Sphere.

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    • Damn, you're right! I know horror movies are both referenced in and influencing the games, but I never realized the Nightmare on Elm Street similarities! I think they are most prevalent in Silent Hill 4 - The Room. Remember how Cynthia flirts with Henry, saying "It's Okay, its just a dream" before she is killed in this so-called dream? Add in the fact that when Henry returns to his appartment he wakes up in bed, and I think you're onto something...

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    • Also SH4 references the Matrix in that those who die in the virtual world also perish in reality. It reminds me of Stay Alive: another movie where 'You Die In The Game - You Die For Real'

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