• For two particular reasons, actually. First off, to trim off some of the reduntant informations and other general "bloat" that's accumulated on this article over the years. That's easy, however. The second reason is the one that I actually wanted feedback on. 

    I've noticed that this article is very insistant on using singular pronouns and addressing him as a single entity, when it is made very, VERY clear in both his game appearances that this is definately not the case. When revising the article I'd like to make it more clear that Pyramid Head refers to a wider array of creatures than just one "character", which is how it's currently written. 

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    • I agree, Pyramid Head is a type of monster, not just one big guy. People tend to think there's only one Pyramid Head in Silent Hill, but that's not the case.

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    • Very good point, Zymeth.  There is one point I'd like to make about singular pronouns, though; there is only one Pyramid Head seenin each movie.  The only case in which I think you are absolutely right is for SH2, and for the "Bogeyman" ending of Homecoming.

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