Lisa's picture

Lisa's picture before collecting the Six Fragments.

The Six Fragments is a puzzle set in P.T..

This type of puzzle is optional; players can ignore it, thus the teaser can be finished without collecting the missing pieces of Lisa's picture.


Six Fragments

Solving the Six Fragments puzzle before hearing "Don't touch the dial now" or "Look behind you" messages will make the door in the hallway end open; the protagonist will be impervious to Lisa's attack.

Solve the puzzle

P.T. - The Last Fragment

The fragment found in the Options menu.

The six missing bits are scattered all over the haunted house, they can be found hidden in the following places:

  • The first fragment can be found among the bottles which are existent down the clock.
  • The second fragment can be found in the vase containing the plant.
  • The third fragment can be found close to the teddy bear.
  • The fourth fragment can be found lodged in the ceiling beam between the foyer and the bathroom.
  • The fifth fragment can be found on the stairway that leads to the Loop door.
  • The sixth fragment can be found in the Options menu.

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