The Family Butcher
Travis Grady outside The Family Butcher
Toluca Avenue, Central Silent Hill

Silent Hill: Origins

The Family Butcher is a butcher shop located in Central Silent Hill on Toluca Avenue.

The inside is similar to that of a lunch meat stand, complete with freezers and a sink. However, there are carcasses on the floor, hanged meat dripping with blood, and a decapitated bison head on a wall. Sinister events are implied to have occurred in the back, such as human slaughters.

Silent Hill: Origins

Butcher killing nurse

The Butcher killing a Faceless Nurse.

The Family Butcher appears in Silent Hill: Origins, where Travis Grady first encounters the Butcher running his Great Cleaver through a Faceless Nurse. Since the Butcher is born from Travis' psyche, the store's real owner is unknown.

Inside the store, Travis can find a save point, a health drink, and a first aid kit. There are also a few weapons that can be obtained, including a meat hook and a meat cleaver, both jabbed into hunks of meat.


  • When Travis returns to the butcher shop, the corpse of a Faceless Nurse, which wasn't there when he first arrived, will be lying outside the entrance.


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