The door with the chain.

This article is a guide for a Silent Hill: Play Novel puzzle.

The Test Tube Puzzle is a puzzle found in Harry Mason's scenario in Silent Hill: Play Novel. It is located in Nowhere.


"You must come up with one deciliter of liquid, no more, no less, and pour it into the test tube, the man said. But there are no gradations on the beakers, so it's impossible to come up with one deciliter with these beakers..."


To complete the puzzle, Harry must put exactly 1 dL of liquid into the last beaker. He has a 10, 7, and 5 dL beakers. He must move the liquid around until he can fill the test tube with 1 dL. The protagonist then uses the liquid to melt the chain that is holding the door closed.

Beaker 1 > 3 [5, 0, 5]
Beaker 3 > 2 [5, 5, 0]
Beaker 1 > 2 [3, 7, 0]
Beaker 2 > 3 [3, 2, 5]
Beaker 3 > 1 [8, 2, 0]
Beaker 2 > 3 [8, 0, 2]
Beaker 1 > 2 [1, 7, 2]

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