The telegram.

The Telegram is a memo found in Silent Hill: Origins by Travis Grady. It is a telegram from Dahlia Gillespie to Dr. Michael Kaufmann, expressing an urgent need to advance to the next step of the Order's plans to birth God. Dahlia expresses concerns over the Order's diminishing ability to control Alessa Gillespie, and reveals the Flauros has been broken and Alessa appears to be in a sort of catatonic state.

The telegram is located in the first floor "Rose" suite of the Riverside Motel.



We are almost ready, but must
hurry! I sense our hold on her
power weakening. I worry that she
draws strength from the core I
hold. I will leave it behind, hidden
in this darkness. It will be safe.
Grady is unlikely to return here,
he is still running around town
chasing after ghosts. He is
ignorant of the bigger picture

I will wait for you here,
finish your business and
join me soon!

The time approaches, the
Flauros is shattered, thrown
to the wind, and her will is
still buried deep in a sleeping
mind. This time the ritual WILL

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