Technician's both versions

Technician's Notes found in St. Maria's Monastery.

The Technician's Notes are on a small desk in the theater control room on the second floor of St. Maria's Monastery in Silent Hill: Downpour. They are used to give the player hints on how to complete the Hansel and Gretel Puzzle. There are two variants of the notes depending on which difficulty the player is on.





You're going to be the only person running this thing up top, so don't screw it up. It isn't heard or anything, but remember, these are kids. They don't have the same emotional stability as real actors.


When we're ready to start, your cue is that first light on the left. Keep an eye on it and you'll be fine. Anyway, step one is to turn down the house lights. Next will be music to set the mood of the play.

Once everyone's quieted down, move that spotlight to the stage. That's the other guy's cue for the curtain.

Things start off in the forest. This is your point of no return. The kids, man. Remember the kids.

They'll move on to the HOUSE and that's when we need the rain to kick in. Start it off gentle at first, just a drizzle. Then turn up the drums with some thunder.

Remember, you're our entire special effects department. It's up to you to bring this thing alive.

Normal & Hard



The stage is set. THE LIGHTS DIM and a haunting MELODY BEGINS TO PLAY. We are transported to the classic tale by the Brothers Grimm. LIGHTS ON CENTER STAGE, the curtain opens!

HANSEL (O.S.) The way home has vanished!

We see the children are in a DARK FOREST, with unknown dangers lurking around every turn. The children enter.

GRETEL Oh Hansel, the crows have eaten our bread.

HANSEL Worry not. I will watch over you.

They come to a STRANGE HOUSE. They mean to stay away, but it begins to RAIN. As thunder booms and THE STORM WORSENS, they creep closer to find the house is made of goodies!

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