The Superintendent's Diary.

The Superintendent's Diary is a two-piece memo that is found by Henry Townshend in Silent Hill 4: The Room, when he is visiting the Apartment world. It belongs to Frank Sunderland, superintendent of South Ashfield Heights. The first memo illustrates how Frank found Walter Sullivan abandoned in Room 302, and how he kept the umbilical cord in a red box in his apartment. The second memo states that he had found evidence of "a man with a long coat" breaking into room 302, a reference to Walter's crucifixion shortly after his presumed suicide.

Superintendent's Diary (Umbilical Cord)

The red box seems even stranger today. It's giving off a terrible smell. It's disgusting, but I just can't throw it away. It must have been around 30 years ago. That young couple was living in the apartment, but one day they just suddenly disappeared. Ran off just like thieves in the night. I don't know why. It must have been money troubles, or maybe they got themselves into some kind of danger. The problem came after that. They left their newborn baby when they took off. I even found the umbilical cord.

I called the ambulance right away and I heard the baby survived, but I don't know what happened to him. Although a few years later, I often saw a young kid hanging around the apartment. One day he just stopped coming by. Now that I think of it, I'll bet he was that abandoned baby.

It's a horrible story. Abandoning a newborn baby... That all happened in Room 302... And the umbilical cord I found there... Well, I still can't get myself to throw it away.

Superintendent's Diary (Man with the Coat)

I had that weird dream today. The one with the man with the long hair and coat. He was crying and looking for his mother again.

I saw that man with the coat 10 years ago at this apartment. He was going up the stairs, carrying a heavy tool, an old-looking bowl and a bag that was dripping blood.

I never saw him again after that. But a few days later, the neighbors complained that they heard strange noises coming from the supposedly empty Room 302. So I took a look around Room 302 and found signs that someone had been in there, but nothing odd other than that. But that's when it all started.

I still hear strange noises coming from the window of Room 302.

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