Spiral-writing Key
Spiral-writing key
A key with spiral writing
"Key with slim, 3-inch long cylinder attached. The cylinder is engraved with spiral writing."
Unlocks hole leading to Toluca Prison
Creeper room, beneath Silent Hill Historical Society
Silent Hill 2

The Spiral-writing Key is found in a dark room located in the area beneath the Silent Hill Historical Society in Silent Hill 2. As soon as the key is picked up, James Sunderland's flashlight dies and must be recharged by using a spare battery in order to continue. However, as soon as the flashlight is recharged, the room will become infested with Creepers, and efforts must be made to solve a puzzle quickly.

After unlocking the door and safely exiting the trapped room, the key is then used to unlock the gate in the adjacent room. The gate is inexplicably on the floor and blocks the hole that leads to Toluca Prison.

The cylinder attached to the key has spiral writing etched onto it, which, when examined, reads: "'Tis doubt which leadeth thee to Purgatory."

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