Spear of the Holy Mother
Spear of holy mother
The Spear of the Holy Mother
"Spear with 'Holy Mother' carved into it. The 'Crimson Tome' says I have to stick eight of these spears into Walter's body."
Weakens Walter Sullivan
Final sacraments area, stabbed into eight statues.
Silent Hill 4: The Room

The Spear of the Holy Mother is an important item found in Silent Hill 4: The Room. Only obtainable during the final battle, the spears are essential in defeating Walter Sullivan and putting an end to the 21 Sacraments. The spears are two-pronged and have the words "Holy Mother" carved into them, referring to the "Descent of the Holy Mother" ritual.

Henry Townshend first learns of the spears from the Crimson Tome found in Room 302 of the Past. In it is written:

"Thou must also pierce the Conjurer's flesh with the 8 spears of Void, Darkness, Gloom, Despair, Temptation, Source, Watchfulness, and Chaos."
Spear of the Holy Mother1

Henry impaling the spear into the Conjurer.

In the final battle against Walter Sullivan, Henry must retrieve the eight spears spoken of from eight statues surrounding the areas, which can only be done after giving the umbilical cord to the Conjurer, Walter's newly-created body. The impaled statues represent Walter's final eight murders. After retrieving the spears, Henry must plunge them into the Conjurer. Doing so with all eight spears makes Walter's spirit vulnerable to physical attacks.


  • The spears bear a resemblance to the Spear of Longinus from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
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