Play Novel: Silent Hill

Silent Hill: Play Novel
Release date
March 21, 2001 (Japan)
Game Boy Advance

Play Novel: Silent Hill (プレイノベル サイレントヒル) is an adaptation of the original Silent Hill for the Game Boy Advance in the form of a visual novel released exclusively in Japan. However, it has been translated into English by fans.


Play Novel: Silent Hill is an interactive story. At certain moments, the game asks the player to make a choice between two or more possible options which can affect the rest of the story. Besides the narration, the game features some puzzles and multiple endings. After reaching the ending, a player is awarded with Digital Trading Cards - 32 in total for all scenarios.

The game offers two main scenarios: one for Harry Mason and one for Cybil Bennett, available after completing Harry's scenario. There were also four additional scenarios available for download in Japan, which followed a boy named Andy, Harry and Cheryl's neighbor. However, Konami has since ended the download service.


  • Over the years, fans have mistakenly referred to this game as the Silent Hill: Play Novel. However, the Japanese subtitle on the logo reads Play Novel: Silent Hill.

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