Silent Hill: Mobile

Silent Hill DX
Release date
July, 2006 (Japan)
FOMA 900i, 901i, 902i and 903 3G Mobile Phones
This article is for the Japan only game. For the European game, see Silent Hill: Orphan.

Silent Hill: Mobile, also called Silent Hill DX, was a mobile phone game released in 2006 exclusively in Japan. The game is mainly text-based, but allows players to pick up items and fight some enemies. It consists mostly of pre-rendered, still images, much like the Play Novel, but it closely follows the events of Silent Hill.

The game consists of three different chapters: Midwich Elementary School, Alchemilla Hospital, and Nowhere, each ending with Harry Mason receiving a password. It has the same 5 endings as Silent Hill. The combat is based on random encounters and turn-based RPG's. Harry's health is indicated by a health bar and a small icon of his face at the top of the screen.

The monsters in this game include the Mumbler, Twinfeeler, Bloodsucker, Puppet Nurses and Doctors, and the Floatstinger.



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