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Sharon Da Silva
Sharon in Silent Hill: Revelation
9 (Silent Hill)
17, 18 (Revelation)
Hair color
Brown (Silent Hill)
Blonde (Revelation)
Eye color
High school student
Silent Hill film
Silent Hill: Revelation
Jodelle Ferland (Silent Hill)
Erin Pitt (Revelation, child)
Adelaide Clemens (Revelation, teenager)
If you love someone, you'd know that you'd never give up!
—Heather to Vincent, regarding her father

Sharon Da Silva, alias Heather Mason, is a character from the Silent Hill film and Silent Hill: Revelation. She is the adopted daughter of Rose and Christopher Da Silva. She takes on the role of Cheryl Mason from the game in the first film, and in the second, she takes on the role of Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3, even adopting her name.

She is played by Jodelle Ferland in the first movie, who also portrays young Alessa Gillespie and Dark Alessa. In the sequel, she is portrayed by Erin Pitt as a child, and Adelaide Clemens as a teenager.


Before the events of the film, Alessa Gillespie took the remaining purity of her soul and a baby was formed. Dark Alessa carried the baby to the Toluca County Orphanage, where she was found by Sister Margaret. Not much later, the baby was adopted by Chris and Rose Da Silva and named Sharon.

As she was the good side of Alessa's soul, Sharon was a kind and innocent child. However, when she reached the same age Alessa was when she was burned alive by a group of religious fanatics, Sharon began to suffer from nightmarish sleepwalking episodes in which she screamed the words "Silent Hill". In her dreams, Sharon saw Dark Alessa, who was calling her back to Silent Hill, West Virginia, the town where Alessa was born and raised. Chris and Rose had taken Sharon to numerous doctors, but no amount of therapy or medicine helped Sharon's illness. Her sleepwalking fugues became more and more dangerous, until she was found preparing to throw herself off the edge of a cliff one night. Sharon's illness becomes so severe that her parents are forced to choose between having her institutionalized for the rest of her life, or allowing the sleepwalking sessions to continue, running the risk that she will eventually die from them.

Silent Hill


Sharon relaxing with her mother.

After being put on medication, Sharon continues to suffer the sleepwalking episodes, forcing her mother to take her to Silent Hill, in the hope of curing her. On the way to the town, Sharon's drawings become dark and macabre. They depict a child being torn apart by fire-breathing demons, among other things. Rose discovers these drawings at a gas station, but Sharon claims to not remember making them. She becomes upset and begins to loudly question Rose as to who made those pictures, saying she doesn't like them. Rose tries to explain that Sharon drew the pictures, but Sharon refuses to listen, not believing she is responsible. Sharon's outburst brings the attention of a police officer named Cybil Bennett. She attempts to question Sharon, but is simply told she doesn't "talk to strangers", and rolls the window up in the officer's face. Cybil becomes even more suspicious after an aggravated Rose blows her off when she politely inquires if everything is all right. Cybil later stops Rose, but Rose speeds off, embarking on a high speed chase with Sharon in the car. As Rose rushes to lose Cybil, Dark Alessa darts into the road, causing Rose to crash the car. It is heavily implied that Sharon is knocked unconscious in the crash, due to the sudden cut off to her screaming.

Rose wakes up to find that Sharon is missing. She searches the town and Dark Alessa (who is identical to Sharon) leads her around Silent Hill to places of importance to Alessa. Rose is eventually led to Brookhaven Hospital, where Dark Alessa confronts her and tells her that Sharon is what's left of Alessa's goodness. Dark Alessa warns Rose that the cultists will be able to find Sharon, and that they will burn her alive, just as they did to Alessa thirty years before. Sharon is later found in the apartment of Dahlia Gillespie, who may have tried to protect the child in hopes of redeeming herself. It is most likely that Sharon was knocked unconscious in the car crash and was then led there by Dark Alessa while sleepwalking. From there, Dahlia led her to a bedroom above a shop to keep her hidden from the cult. Sharon ends up being caught by Christabella, the priestess of the fanatical religious cult that believes Alessa is a witch and the vessel for a demon, and is forced to watch the ritualistic burning of Cybil.

Rose enters the church, just as Christabella and her followers have tied Sharon up and prepared to have her burned alive as a witch, and opens a portal through which Alessa and Dark Alessa arise to take their revenge on the cultists. As the last of the cultists die, Sharon locks eyes with Dark Alessa, and they then recombine, becoming one unified incarnation of Alessa. Sharon passes out from the trauma.


Sharon/Alessa and Rose return home.

When she awakens, she looks around blankly and walk towards the door. Dahlia asks why she wasn't killed with everyone else to which Rose replies "Because you're her mother. Mother is God in the eyes of a child." Sharon/Alessa smirks at Dahlia, and the two return home, however, they are still trapped in the Fog World, and it is implied that Sharon/Alessa is happy about it.

Silent Hill: Revelation


Sharon reunited with her father.

Not long after the events of Silent Hill, Sharon was forced back into the Real World by the power of the Seal of Metatron. She returns unable to remember anything that happened during her time in the Fog World, though why is never explained. In order to give his daughter a normal life, Chris told Sharon that her mother died in a car crash on the outskirts of Silent Hill.

Soon after, members of a fanatical cult begin stalking her, and she and her adoptive father are forced to move and change their names. At one point in time, a member of the cult assaulted Sharon and Chris in their home in Portland, and Chris murdered him in self-defense.

Sharon assumes several different aliases up until her eighteenth birthday, and is ultimately given the name Heather, after Chris's grandmother. Her hair is bleached blonde in order to help conceal her identity. Since she was found, Sharon has had to transfer through five different schools, although she is always plagued by the cult, as well as horrifying nightmares that have been growing more intense.


Heather and Chris before her birthday.

At the start of the film, Heather is on the verge of turning 18, and is having nightmares. She dreams of a demonic version of herself, and sees a disc-head monster kill her father. She awakens and speaks with Chris, then leaves for a new school. On the way there, she runs into a curious detective named Douglas Cartland, and begins to see hallucinations of an armless monster, and a little girl being teased and called a witch by her classmates.

At the school, she is teased by some of her classmates because of what they call her unfashionable clothing, which leads her to make an impressionable speech on how she isn't interested in any of them in the least and that they should just leave her alone. She also meets Vincent Cooper, who is new as well. Vincent tries to befriend her, beginning by inviting her out for coffee, but Heather calmly rebuffs him.

She goes to Central Square Shopping Center to meet with her father, but the mall changes to the Otherworld, and Heather sees Douglas killed by the disc-headed monster. She leaves her bloodied jacket there, and the police begin to suspect that she murdered Douglas.

When Heather arrives home, she discovers Chris has been kidnapped, and she leaves for Silent Hill to search for him. Vincent offers to go with her, and the two begin to drive to Silent Hill. They stop at Jacks Inn, where Vincent reveals that he is a member of the Order, and that he has fallen in love with Heather and now wants to help her. Because of Heather's proximity to Alessa, the Otherworld takes over, and Vincent is kidnapped.


Heather listening to Dahlia.

Heather enters Silent Hill in the Fog World, where she meets Dahlia Gillespie, the mother of Alessa. Dahlia tells Heather that she is the manifestation of the good side of Alessa's soul, and that Alessa's dark side controls the town. As the "darkness" devours the town moments after their conversation, Heather flees from the streets and then meets Suki, a young girl who was randomly pulled into the Otherworld for unknown reasons. Heather tries to save Suki from a monstrous entity known as the Mannequin Monster, but fails when the creature grabs Suki and drags her away.

In Brookhaven Asylum, Heather finds Leonard Wolf, the grandfather of Vincent and the former leader of the Order. When Heather hands him the Seal of Metatron, he transforms into a monster. She shoots at him but is taken prisoner. To stop Leonard, Heather rips the completed Seal out of his body. Pyramid Head then arrives to protect Heather from the hands of prisoners who are trying to grab her.

She finds Vincent, who has been strapped onto an operating table and left in a room of demonic nurses. She saves him, and the pair share a kiss. They head to Lakeside Amusement Park, where Vincent distracts a group of the Order's cultists, allowing Heather to confront Alessa's dark side. The two merge and become one again, allowing Heather to regain her memories and powers.

She descends into the sanctuary beneath the park, and is confronted by the cult's priestess, Claudia Wolf, who explains that the Order wants to impregnate Alessa with their god so that their suffering at her hands will end. Claudia then transforms into the disc-monster when Heather gives her the Seal of Metatron, and Pyramid Head rushes to Heather's defense, decapitating Claudia with his Great Knife.


Heather and Vincent watching Chris disappear into the fog.

Heather frees Chris, and she, Chris, and Vincent leave the town. However, Chris wants to remain behind to find Rose. The two share a tearful goodbye, and then Heather and Vincent enter the real world and depart. They are picked up by a trucker named Travis Grady, and Heather goes back to being called Sharon. As they depart, a coalition of police cars can be seen directing a prison bus into the town.


Sharon is a symbolic representation of the Christ child of Christianity, with Alessa acting as the Christian God and Dark Alessa as the Holy Ghost. In the opening scene of Silent Hill, Sharon is seen standing in front of a large cross, and she is later revealed to be the non-biological child of Rose, who represents the Virgin Mary. Like the Christ child, Sharon is a supernatural creation of an all-powerful figure (Alessa), who literally is a part of that entity, while also existing in a separate body. Sharon is also sent out into the Real World for a number of years, similar to the Christ child's existence among mankind. When speaking to Rose in Alessa's hospital room, Dark Alessa refers to Sharon as Alessa's "child", suggesting a symbolic Mother/Daughter connection between Alessa and Sharon that mimics the Father/Son relationship of the Christian God and Jesus. In interviews, director Christophe Gans has compared Sharon's relationship to Rose with the concept of immaculate conception, suggesting that the Christ child symbolism is intentional.

It is also likely that Sharon's name was changed from Cheryl to reference the Biblical Rose of Sharon, a name given to a plant mentioned in the Bible, which is also used to describe Jesus of Nazareth.

Relation to the Wolfs

According to the canon of the first movie, Dahlia and Christabella are sisters. In Revelation, Claudia Wolf states that she is also Christabella's sister. This makes Sharon and Vincent cousins, though neither of them seem to be aware of it. It is possible that Claudia hid her relationship to the Gillespies due to the shame of Alessa's "evil" and Dahlia's outcasting from the cult.

Actor's comments

Adelaide Clemens

It was a huge privilege to take on the role of Heather Mason and to be in that world. There are so many scares involved it's extraordinary and the aesthetic of the game is a big part of the world but we take the plot and put a twist on its head so...


  • "Home... home... Silent Hill! Silent Hill!"
  • "Wanna see?"
  • "Don't talk to strangers."
  • "So don't bother trying to remember my name because I'm sure as hell not going to remember yours. Don't talk to me. We won't be friends. I won't IM you or Facebook you or Tweet you or read your blog. And whatever you're thinking of saying or doing, don't bother because I've seen it before and I'm just guessing here but I don't think there are too many original thinkers in this room. And by the time any of you have found out anything about me that's worth knowing, I'll have moved on."
  • "That speech I gave in class, I gave it for a reason. I really don't want to know anyone here."
  • "Fuck you! He told me the truth!"
  • "Fuck Facebook."
  • "I don't think I like my reality."
  • "That's a crime against pickup lines."
  • "Where is my father?"
  • Leonard: "You will die, demon!"
    Heather: "Not today."
  • "Go to Hell!"
  • "Take it. I want to see the truth of what you are."


  • Sharon's age is retconned from 9 to 11 in Revelation. Why her age is changed is unknown. The first film states she is 9 years old when Chris tells Sister Margaret that 9 years ago, a child was left at the orphanage. In addition, Silent Hill: The Novel states Sharon is 9. However, in Revelation, Sharon says to the class "This is the fifth school I've been to since I was 11", a prop for Alessa says "Young Alessa (11 years old)", and various Revelation interviews say that six years passed between both films, meaning that Sharon was 11 during the first film's events in the canon of Revelation.
  • What happened between Sharon and Dark Alessa is likely retconned in Revelation, as Dahlia states that Heather is only the good side of Alessa, and Heather is seen uniting with Dark Alessa on the carousel.
  • A third likely retcon seen in Revelation involves the reasoning for Sharon's creation. Dark Alessa states that Alessa created Sharon so that she could be free of the Otherworld and could learn to feel love, however, this is directly contradicted by Alessa's blatant usage of Sharon as a pawn to bring her an unsuspecting outsider in Silent Hill. Had Alessa created Sharon to be free of the alternate reality, then the events of the first film would never have occurred, as Alessa would not have called Sharon back to the town at all.
  • Heather's on-set outfit consists of a stunning amount of layers. Aside from a presumable set of underwear, she wears a white undershirt and dark purple athletic pants, a paint-splattered tank top and a dark purple rubbery skirt, an orange hoodie, a cream leather vest, an olive green jacket, and a red and black plaid coat, making a total of seven layers.
  • It is suggested that Heather may often defy her father's orders, given that she immediately makes a speech at her new school about how much she's moved around, despite having been told by him just hours before to keep her history hidden.
  • Chris gives Heather the white jacket she's seen wearing in the film the same morning that the film starts for her birthday. However, the picture of Heather carried by Douglas Cartland shows the same jacket.
Heather game movie

Heather in the same pose.

  • One poster for Revelation shows Heather in a wheelchair being pulled by a nurse, which is identical to one of Heather's artworks for Silent Hill 3.
  • In the first film, Sharon's pajamas have an image of a butterfly on the front of them. In the game series, butterflies are used as a symbol of rebirth and transformation: the two examples being Alessa and Heather, and Mary and Maria (Maria has a butterfly tattoo). This may have been intentionally added to symbolize Sharon's status as an incarnation of Alessa, or may be a lucky coincidence.
  • The facial features of young Sharon bear little resemblance to that of her teenage form, due to the character being cast based on her game appearance, rather than that of her younger film incarnation. Revelation writer/director Michael J. Bassett stated that he thinks Jodelle Ferland is a fine actress, but that she didn't look enough like the video game version of the older Sharon/Cheryl. This is ironic, due to the fact that Jodelle had already portrayed Sharon throughout the previous film.


Silent Hill

Silent Hill: Revelation

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