Serum, in a case
"An experimental drug that will boost my health... I hope."
Restores health and increases life bar.
Multiple locations
Silent Hill: Homecoming

The Serum is an obtainable item in Silent Hill: Homecoming. It will completely restore Alex Shepherd's health and permanently extend his health bar. The serum is a type of medicine-delivery system resembling a jet injector. In total, there are eight serums located throughout the game.


Uses in Medicine

In the medical field, "serum" can be broken down into a colossal range of uses, but serum itself is the yellowish blood plasma with all fibrinogens removed from the component and contains various natural proteins. Serum enzymes may be released into the blood stream when a tissue becomes damaged or hyperactive, triggering white blood cells to migrate to the spot of injury or activity, and will also moisten the surface of serious membranes. Serum is used to produce antiserum, which contains polyclonal antibodies to attack pathogens, most commonly toxic or venomous types. It is not, however, used in forced coagulation, which may hint towards some monsters in Silent Hill: Homecoming actually being venomous. A certain type of serum can also be produced to defend against rabies.


  • When first obtained on the Xbox 360 version, the player gains an Achievement called Kaufmann's Handiwork, a reference to character Michael Kaufmann from Silent Hill.
  • Obtaining all eight will earn the player the Health Junkie Achievement.
  • The effects of the serum are very similar to the effects of the Ampoule.

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