Book found on a sidetable in Room 205.

Searching for Another Conlusion is a book that can be found on a table in Room 205 of the Wood Side Apartments in Silent Hill 2, and only appears after completing the game once.

There are three different variants of the book which give vital insight into getting the different endings; however, it seems to be random into which variant is given.


The Road to Tomorrow (Clue for Leave)

"The first step to a healthy
life is to avoid illness. That
may sound obvious, but it's
also very important.
Instead of working to heal
yourself after you're sick,
it's better to avoid getting
sick in the first place.

Also you have to maintain a
positive, optimistic outlook on
life. It's no use worrying over
things that have happened in
the past.

You've got to get outside and
play in the fresh air once in a
while, instead of just sitting
inside reading difficult books."

How to be a Happy Couple (Clue for Maria)

"Do you really love her?
In sickness and in health?
If you truly love her, then you
must act. It all depends on how
hard you fight for her.

Whatever happens, don't give up.
Always try just one more time.
Even though there may be hard
times, never turn to another

And if it comes to it, you must
be willing to protect her with your
very life. After all, true love means
a willingness to sacrifice.

Be true to your heart and with
luck, things will work out in the

Choosing Death (Clue for In Water)

"When life is filled with nothing
but despair, some people choose
to end it all.
I once chose that path for
myself as well.
At the time I felt that I had no
other choices.

After I made my decision, it
became the only thing binding
me into this world.
Sometimes I would cry to myself
while thinking of the past, but
mostly all I did was plan over and
over again how and when I was
going to kill myself.

I did stupid, dangerous things.
I figured it didn't matter since
I was going to die anyway, so
I went out of my way to invite
I stopped talking to people and
it didn't bother me even when
friendships grew distant."
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