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This article is a guide for a Silent Hill 2 puzzle.

After opening the Wood Side Apartments fire escape, James Sunderland finds the window of another apartment complex, and climb through into 203's bedroom. After searching, James will discover a clogged toilet. After reaching inside, James pulls out a wallet. Inside is a combination for the safe near the room's entrance.


The point of this puzzle is to open the safe with the combination in the wallet. The player does not have to open the safe, as it's an optional puzzle; however, inside of the safe is handgun ammunition, and plenty of it. The puzzle is different on certain riddle levels.

There are arrows that indicate which direction to turn after moving to the first number. After the first number there are two right arrows, so James must turn the dial right, and so on.



The player receives a simple combo with plain, old numbers. The code is random but here's an example of a code: 15 >> 8 << 12 >> 6. If this were the code, the player would turn the dial in any direction to 15. The player would then press right to turn the dial until it reaches 8. Now the player would press left and stop at 12. And then, finally, the player would press right until they land at the final number, which is 6.


The player receives a code with some normal numbers and some Roman numerals. Remember, the code is random and the following is just an example of a code: 11 >> X2 << 7 >> 3. If this were the code, the player would turn the dial to 11. Then press right until 12, which is X2 (X=10, 10+2=12). Now press left until 7. And finally, the player would press right until the final number, 3. There can be more than just the "X" roman numeral. There can also be "V", 5, "VV", 10, "XV", 15, and "XX", 20.


In the memo received, there are now letters of the alphabet, as well as normal numbers. The code is still random but here is an example of a code: 3 >> j << 4 >> b. If this were the code, the player would turn the dial to the first number, 3. Then you would press right until 19. Then press left until 4. And finally, the player would press right until the final number, which is 11.

The numbers in the combination only go from 1-9. After that, letters take their place. The letters represent the number they are in the alphabet, plus 9. So a=10, b=11, c=12, and so on. So in the above example combination, "j" would be 19 (9+10), and "b" would be 11 (9+2). The safe numbers go from 1-20 so there can only be 11 possible letters for the combination, along with the 9 numbers. The number for each possible letter is below.

  • a - 10
  • b - 11
  • c - 12
  • d - 13
  • e - 14
  • f - 15
  • g - 16
  • h - 17
  • i - 18
  • j - 19
  • k - 20
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