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Ryall State Prison
The prison bus outside the facility

Silent Hill: Downpour

Ryall State Prison is the name of the prison in which Murphy Pendleton spent his time incarcerated. At the start of Silent Hill: Downpour, he is being transferred to Wayside Maximum Security Prison, following undisclosed events at Ryall. Some of the guards and most of the prisoners are very hostile towards him; however, there is one prison guard, Frank Coleridge, who is on good terms with Murphy.

In memos, the name of the prison is shown as "Ryall State Prison", although in Murphy's mugshot, it is shown as "Ryall State Corrections Facility", and on the side of the bus "Ryall State Correctional Facility". It can be assumed that the correctional facility is a branch of Ryall State Prison, and not the name for the entire prison itself.

The exact location of the prison is not known. It can be speculated that the prison is not too far from Silent Hill.

Corrections Officers



  • It is named after Chris Ryall, Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief at IDW Publishing, the publishers of the Silent Hill comic book series.
  • The badges on the arms of the officers are those of Maine state correctional officers.
  • The walls of Murphy's cell are decorated with photos of himself, his wife, and son. He also has a Father's Day Card Charlie drew of them taped to a chalk board.


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