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Room 302's kitchen, laundry door and the locked front door.

Room 302 is an infamous location that plays an important role in Silent Hill 4: The Room. It was constructed about 40 years prior the events of the game. It appears to be an ordinary apartment room in South Ashfield Heights; however, it acts as a prison (and a sanctuary that becomes increasingly hostile) to the protagonist, Henry Townshend. The front door is locked by several indestructible padlocks that prevent Henry from escaping.



Walter's parents fleeing Room 302.

34 years prior to the events of Silent Hill 4: The Room, Walter Sullivan's parents lived in the town of Ashfield in Room 302. It was speculated by the building superintendent, Frank Sunderland, that they had financial troubles or were somehow in danger. The young couple fled the apartment and left the newborn baby behind. The infant was later discovered by Frank Sunderland who gave the baby to the nearby St. Jerome's Hospital, while he kept Walter's umbilical cord in a box in his room.

There was another previous resident of Room 302. His name was Joseph Schreiber, a journalist who investigated Walter Sullivan's case. He disappeared about six months before Henry moved into Room 302. Notes under the door contain pages from his diary and his experience of being trapped in the room as Henry is. Joseph is also famous for his Wish House article which is found in the Brookhaven Hospital in Silent Hill 3.

After two years of living in Room 302, Henry suddenly becomes trapped inside his own apartment room.

Role in the game

In the first moments of Silent Hill 4, Room 302 is covered in rust and blood. The air is thick and heavy while the living room wall has an eerie face on it. A ghost appears out of the wall. The person being controlled by the player in the beginning is Joseph Schreiber instead of Henry.

Henry finds a hole in his bathroom which progressively gets larger and rounder throughout the game. The hole brings him outside of his room into several of Walter's Otherworlds, where ghosts and monsters lurk. He returns to his apartment through more holes, resembling Halos of the Sun. After crawling back through a hole, Henry wakes up on his bed. There is only one save point in the game, and it is located on a small table in the living room of Room 302.


Walter Sullivan's corpse in the storage room.

Henry receives notes from under his front door and sometimes, beside his shelf. He can look through his peephole and may see Eileen Galvin, Richard Braintree or Frank Sunderland outside. There are bloody hand prints on the wall which show the number of victims that Walter Sullivan has murdered. There is also another "peephole" that Henry can use. By looking at this "peephole" made by Joseph, he can see his neighbor, Eileen. At one point in the game, Eileen may stop what she's doing and look directly at the player/peephole, lean forward a little, and then go back to whatever she was doing. It is possible that Henry is in another dimension, as no one is able to hear his cries for help when he's shouting and banging on the door, even when others are directly on the other side of the door.


Henry outside Room 302.

Henry eventually finds a secret room between his bedroom and the bathroom, where Walter's corpse is tied to a cross. Inside Walter's jacket are the keys that open Room 302's front door, and Henry soon discovers that his apartment has also been turned into a nightmare.


Through the peephole, Henry Townshend will always see two rows of bloody hand prints, the number of which starts out at 15 and increases as the number of Walter Sullivan's victims increase. There are several scenes Henry can see through his peephole at different times of the game:

  • Eileen picking up dropped groceries, grumbling out, "Oh, man... Hope my luck changes before the party..."
  • Eileen sweeping the hallway.
  • Eileen conversing with Richard Braintree before he leaves.
  • Eileen can be seen talking to Frank Sunderland about the whole apartment being "cursed", most specifically Room 302. Frank continues to tell Eileen about the umbilical cord he keeps in his room.
  • Eileen moving about aimlessly, swiping the air at presumably unseen insects.
  • Frank Sunderland, the superintendent, knocking loudly on the door and endeavoring to unlock it, but failing. Henry calls out to him desperately, but clearly cannot be heard. Frank will also comment on how similar the situation is to when Joseph Schreiber lived in the room.
  • Frank staring at the door for many moments before walking away.
  • Frank pacing back at forth, always glancing at the door.
  • Frank Sunderland arguing inaudibly with an unseen person.
  • Richard investigating the door.
  • Walter Sullivan peering directly into the peephole for an extended period of time until walking away.
  • A ghost version of Henry with disfigured skin around his neck, whispering deliriously. (Haunting)


During the Hospital World, the ceiling fan in the living room collapses and the air becomes heavy. At this point, the room should be searched for any anomalies that seem to invade from the Otherworld. Some examples of hauntings are banging windows, a faucet that pours blood and a crying shadow in Henry's closet. The room gets progressively possessed as Henry explores Walter's Otherworlds. If Henry stands near a haunting, his health will drain immediately, although there is a way to get rid of hauntings by using two items: Holy Candles and Saint Medallions. Placing a Holy Candle near the haunting or standing next to a haunting with a Saint Medallion equipped will eventually make the haunting disappear. The purpose in getting rid of hauntings is to eliminate possible health risks and to achieve a better ending. However, once the ceiling fan falls and hauntings begin to manifest, returning to Henry's apartment does not refill his health as it did previously, even if all abnormalities have been eliminated.

The ending received is partially dictated by whether or not the player cleanses Room 302 of these hauntings immediately. To receive the "Escape" or "Eileen's Death" endings, the player must clear the room of at least 80% of the hauntings.

List of Hauntings


A ghost victim haunting Room 302.

  • Bloody chair - Blood will appear all over Henry's chair in his living room.[1]
  • Shoes - The shoes by Henry's front door will have moved to the kitchen, leaving bloody footprints along the way.
  • Shadow boy - A shadow of a young boy (possibly the child Walter or Billy Locane) will appear in the closet, point at Henry and cry.[2]
  • Fridge cat - A "mysterious lump of flesh" will meow and twitch inside Henry's refrigerator. This is an allusion to a woman also living in South Ashfield Heights who had her cat shot by a neighbor with a cat allergy and a hobby for guns. She mourned over her dead cat and put its body in her refrigerator, wrapping it in a bloody pair of pants she received after the incident with Richard and Mike.[3]
  • Ghost victim - Jimmy Stone, the first of Walter's 21 victims, will struggle out of the wall through a portal and look around the room. This is able to be seen in every part of Room 302.[4]
  • Wall cracks - Bloody cracks will appear on Henry's wall. If Henry stands close to them, they will move and pulsate.[5]
  • Clock - Henry's clock will tick rapidly, and the hands will spiral out of control.[6]
  • Windows - Henry's living room windows will rattle up and down.[7]
  • Phone - The phone in Henry's bedroom will deliver Joseph Schreiber's voice, repeating, "I'm always watching you. I'm always WATCHING you. I'm ALWAYS watching you."[8]
  • Peephole - Henry's peephole will bleed. Examining it from a distance will allow the player to see a ghost version of Henry with disfigured skin around his neck, whispering deliriously.[9]
  • Sink - The kitchen sink's faucet will pour blood.
  • TV - The TV will turn on and deliver static, and it will occasionally show a fleeting image of a twitching, upside down man (possibly Joseph Schreiber or Andrew DeSalvo).[10]
  • Picture - The picture of Silent Hill's Balkan Church in Henry's bedroom will transform into a picture of Walter Sullivan's corpse.

The dolls above the chest.

  • Shabby Doll - In the Apartment World, Walter Sullivan will offer Henry an optional item, the "Shabby Doll" that Eileen had given him when she was a little girl. If Henry takes the Shabby Doll and puts it in his storage box, fifteen female doll-like children will materialize out of the wall above it. As taking the doll is optional, this is the only haunting that can be avoided before the game's second part. After exorcising the haunting, the Shabby Doll disappears from the item box.[11]



Robbie points at the player.

  • By returning to Henry's apartment, his health bar will automatically, gradually replenish. However, once hauntings begin to appear, this will no longer occur, even if Henry has eliminated those present.
  • A falling severed head can be seen outside by looking through Henry's living room window. This head appears to be Andrew DeSalvo's. It will briefly fall from the sky and it vanishes once the player returns from the Building World.
  • Robbie the Rabbit, the pink rabbit stuffed animal in Eileen's room, will move after the player finishes the first visit to the Apartment World. It now faces Henry's room, pointing at him with blood around its mouth.
  • There is a Robbie the Rabbit hot air balloon which can be seen in the sky outside Henry's window sometimes.
  • By looking through the peephole, Henry may see a sentence written on the far wall in blood: "BETTER CHECK ON YOUR NEIGHBOR SOON!" After reading this, if Henry looks out his window, he will mentally comment on how the man in room 207 is pointing at Eileen's room.
  • If the player inputs the phone number on the billboard found outside of Henry's window into his phone, ghosts and monsters can be heard making strange noises and sounds in the Otherworld.
  • In Silent Hill: Downpour, Murphy Pendleton's jail cell number is "302B". This is likely a nod to Room 302, and how Henry was trapped inside of it. Murphy and Henry also bear a similar physical appearance and have certain personality qualities in common; namely, their quiet demeanor and desire to avoid conflict.

Room 302 easter egg in Downpour.

  • An easter egg appears in Silent Hill: Downpour in the form of a replica of Room 302 (this is not the real Room 302, as South Ashfield Heights is not located in Silent Hill). Found on northern Lansdale Ave, it is one of the second story apartments accessible via the emergency ladder. The room is just as it appears in Silent Hill 4, with the exception of the famous "Don't Go Out!! --Walter" scrawled in blood on the chained door, and the addition of a new door between the bedroom and bathroom at the end of the hallway where Henry broke down the wall to reveal Walter's corpse. Two items may be found in here: a First Aid Kit on the chair by the television and a handgun on the kitchen counter.


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