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Riverside Motel
Travis in front of the motel
Central Silent Hill

Sad Daddy
Silent Hill: Origins

The Riverside Motel is one of the many motels in Silent Hill located on Riverside Drive in Central Silent Hill.

It is prominently featured in Silent Hill: Origins. Protagonist Travis Grady used to live there with his father, Richard Grady, for a while after his mother was institutionalized at Cedar Grove Sanitarium. Richard Grady suicided shortly afterward in Room 500.


The motel is complete with a laundromat, arcade and pool. There are several themed suites, apparently named after famous, deceased celebrities (The Rose suite for Marilyn Monroe, The Cleopatra suite for the famous queen, The King suite for Elvis Presley, etc.). This trend connects to Travis' father's death. Inputting the date of his death (June 12th 1961) in a device in the motel lobby, plus his wedding ring, gives away the key to Room 500.

Silent Hill: Origins

The motel houses a large number of monsters of varying sizes, including Straightjackets, Carrions, Calibans and Two-Backs, which are introduced in this area. Travis also encounters the Butcher for the second and final time, in the motel's kitchen, where he ends up killing it with its own cleaver. While in the maintenance tunnel, Travis can look through a peephole into room 503, a room he was standing in only moments ago, in which he will see the Butcher standing next to the bed. Coincidentally, the room the Butcher is in is filled with both photography and anatomy artwork of the Butcher and other monsters.

After dropping through a hole in The Cleopatra suite, Travis lands in The Rose suite, where he catches Michael Kaufmann and Lisa Garland after apparently engaging in intercourse on a heart-shaped bed. Traces of PTV or White Claudia can be found in the room, which could imply Kaufmann's use of Lisa in exchange for the drug to which she has become addicted. Kaufmann warns Travis to leave Silent Hill and locks him in the Rose Suite, where Travis escapes using a mirror. Shortly afterward, Travis manages to get into Room 500, where he faces and defeats Sad Daddy. Travis obtains the Truth Piece of the Flauros and escapes from the motel thanks to Alessa's powers and wakes up in Alchemilla Hospital.


  • Riverside Motel mirrors Lakeview Hotel from Silent Hill 2. Both protagonists, Travis and James Sunderland, have suffered a severe trauma years prior to their return to each place, which occurs near the end of the game and during which they must face their inner demons, one for repressed guilt and one for a dead relative and trauma (the Butcher and Sad Daddy for Travis, Pyramid Head and Mary for James).
  • Travis can obtain a health drink by sticking his hand in a toilet in one particular room. This references a scene from Silent Hill 2, where James sticks his hand into a clogged toilet to retrieve a wallet, a running gag which has been carried on over the series.
  • The motel's game room has a pinball machine with the hard rock band KISS on it.


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